Star Trek 4: Chris Pine and the crew of the Enterprise will be back


The entire original crew -from 2009- of the Enterprise is about to sit down with the Federation to agree on their return. At least Paramount is now sure of wanting to manufacture star trek 4 with the return of Chris Pine and all the cast members. The idea is to have everything ready for the continuation of the saga to start filming at the end of 2022.

It was in the year 2009 when the fans of star trek they obtained the return of the saga to the big screen at the hands of JJ Abrams. Such an undertaking was so successful that the study of the mountain and the stars quickly undertook to follow up. So it was that in subsequent years they came to theaters Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and Star Trek Beyond (2016), with the applause of the public and the favor of the critics.

However, the box office did not respond adequately and soon the beloved trilogy was left in a sort of limbo. The fans, the studio, and the cast of the movies, too, were always up for more. But after six years of waiting and the making of a couple of television series, they made us think that it would be ‘mission impossible‘.

Star Trek 4 Chris Pine

Fortunately, these days Paramount got up on the right foot and the decision to continue with the franchise. The exciting part comes from the reports of dead line, who affirm that Chris Pine is already at the table, in full contract review. We can almost say that both the studio and the actor will reach a beneficial agreement, which would give the definitive green light to star trek 4.

According to the aforementioned reports, the studio has every intention of bringing back each and every one of the members of the cast. It doesn’t seem difficult to get it. And once all the contracts are signed, Paramount will be ready to start filming later this year.

Literally only the interpreters are needed, since star trek 4 He already has a script finished and approved by the directors. Authored by Josh Friedman and Cameron Squires, the libretto will continue the stories of Captain Kirk, the Romulan Spock, and his entire team of adventurous explorers.

Star Trek 4 Chris Pine

The mission to explore the confines of space, new worlds and to go where no other has gone before, will be commanded by Matt Shakman. The filmmaker is already notorious for his work in the construction of the series WandaVision. And it’s safe to say that any fan of the trekkie world and Marvel, are more than pleased with the news.

The return of the entire cast is still not certain, much less is there news about how Anton Yelchin’s absence will be handled. However, a recast is not expected. We should rather say goodbye to Pavel Chekov.

Will Michael Giacchino return? Will JJ Abrams serve as a producer? These and more questions will be answered in the coming months.

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