Spider-Man vs Rhino: Andrew Garfield Responds to What Happens in the Fight


Before the glorious return of Andrew Garfield in the spider suit, the last image we had of his Spider-Man was in full combat. The end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) showcases an emerging showdown between the titular hero and the malevolent Rhino, which sadly cuts short before it even gets interesting. Without a doubt, there are several fans in the world who want to know what exactly happens in that fight, from start to finish. And just this week, one of those fans posed the million dollar question to Garfield.

The scene in question takes place on a main avenue in New York, where the criminal Aleksei Sytsevich —protected by a gigantic rhinoceros-shaped armor— wreaks havoc left and right. Eventually Spider-Man appears, taking over from the police and even a boy dressed as the wall-crawler. “You’re the bravest boy I’ve ever seen,” the friendly Spidey tells him before asking him to go back to his mom. And with no civilians or officers in danger, he begins the battle with the self-styled Rhino, whose projectiles are nimbly deflected by Spider-Man. But before the hero manages to land the first blow on him—during explosive slow motion—the film ends.

What happens next? That’s what a member of the program wanted to know On Air with Ryan Seacrest during a recent chat with Andrew Garfield. But unfortunately, not even the famous actor knows it, although he took the opportunity to joke about it.

“If I remember correctly, what happens after that was not suitable for the screen, because it was so brutal… [Risas] No, I have no idea. That’s where the script ended, and that’s where our movie ended. So you can choose your own adventure », he replied.

Obviously we can assume that Spidey won the contest without much difficulty. What’s more, not even he remembers her with pride. On Spider-Man: No Way Homethe “Peter 3” (Andrew Garfield) confesses to feeling pathetic because, while his alternate versions fought aliens in their respective universes, he had to settle for a “Russian guy in a rhino-like machine.”

Interestingly, months before the premiere of no way homeRumors spread that among the villains that would appear in that film, was the cumbersome Rhino from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, again played by Paul Giamatti. The same actor denied it at the time (via) and in effect was left out of the epic crossover. However, if Sony Pictures finally decides to produce a third spider movie with Andrew Garfield – as fans wish – we may know more about Rhino in the future.

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Andrew Garfield is one of the contenders for the 2022 Oscar for Best Actor, thanks to his role in the musical tick, tick… BOOM! from Netflix. The award ceremony will take place on March 27. Come in here to know the nominees and more details of the great event.

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