Spider-Man No Way Home will bring back a stamp of the cinema of Sam Raimi


If something has made this whole issue of the multiverse clear to us in the new arachnid movie, it is that a large part of the audience still has a special attachment to the character’s first movies. The thought of having Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi’s team back is what he’s probably made of No way home the most anticipated film in recent years. For all those excited about this matter, now you can get even more excited to learn that the new wall-crawler movie has brought back a very special detail from the original trilogy.

Such detail has to do with the style of director Sam Raimi and his films. It is even something that has been present in all his filmography, but that for popular culture is recorded especially with the scenes of the movies of the Spider-man by Tobey Maguire. It is something we will call as the Raimi-Cam, a particular hallmark in the handling of the camera that gave so much personality to many iconic moments of that trilogy.

This information was disclosed (via) by Tom Holland -how could it be otherwise-, who, very excited, recognized that Jon Watts borrowed this particular stamp from Sam Raimi to shape some scenes within No Way home.

“I think also something that Jon Watts did really well is what I would call the ‘Raimi-Cam’ Holland explained. “All these quick close-ups to the characters, it’s something that Raimi was quite famous for. So Jon definitely paid tribute to early movies like that. “

What Tom Holland is referring to is that Sam Raimi style of performing zoom-in and zoom-out accelerated towards characters and objects. A characteristic technique of the director that he used especially in his horror films to create intensity in the moments and at the same time to create a comical and bizarre atmosphere with exaggerated performances and hyper-realistic sounds.

The best and most obvious display of this particular Raimi stamp occurs in one of the best sequences of Spider-man 2. The moment when Doctor Otto Octavius ​​is about to undergo surgery in an operating room, with a team of doctors whose mission is to remove him from those intelligent metal tentacles.

The scene evolves from a suspense ‘Hitchcocknian’ where all the elements present in the environment are first presented to us, to later become a nightmare feast. This is probably one of the best scenes in the film and of course the great protagonist is Alfred Molina’s Octopus, who is more than confirmed to return in No coming home.

Will we see a similar scene with Alfred Molina? Spider-Man: No Way Home, with moments a la Sam Raimi, will open in theaters on December 15. And the other good news is that Raimi himself has returned to the world of superheroes with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. A film that on many occasions has been commented on as Marvel’s foray into horror movies. Excited is little. The Sorcerer Supreme movie will arrive in May next year.

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