Spider-Man No Way Home Poster: What Sony Says About Villains


For many months, Marvel fans have wondered what is happening with the advertising campaign for the new arachnid movie. Despite an ever closer and imminent release, there was little Sony had shown about the film. And saying little is a courtesy when by the end of August we knew nothing more than the name of the film, until the first promotional trailer finally arrived. However, last weekend the studio released the first official poster of Spider-Man: No Way Home and despite the good news, there are still many who wonder: where are Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire?

The novelty that accompanied the first poster of Spider-Man: No Way Home, It was not the exit of the poster itself, but the confirmation of what seems to be the configuration of a narrative with the Sinister Six. Although the trailer had already shown us small hints of a Green Goblin with his explosive grenades and a ghoulish laugh -which we are sure belongs to Willem Dafoe-, now the poster shows us for the first time the character mounted on his classic glider. It seems that it is the same version of the Goblin that was immortalized at the beginning of the century by Dafoe in the Sam Raimi film.

On the other hand, the promo also reveals obvious clues about two other villains. The rays coming from the sky, but mysteriously surrounding the main character, undoubtedly tell us about the appearance of Electro. Jamie Foxx confirmed himself in the movie for quite some time. On the other hand, the sand eddies, which are not simple dusts of the rubble, are indicative of the Sandbox. Said villain was confirmed by Empire magazine in recent weeks. It was even ensured that the actor Thomas Haden Church, who we saw in Spider-man 3 is already part of the cast.

Finally the most obvious villain of the set is Doctor Octopus, whom we already saw in the trailer without any kind of mystery. Alfred Molina will reprise his role from the Sam Raimi film in 2004, probably one of the most exciting reasons in the entire film. All of the above confirms something that many already guessed: we are facing the first realization of the multiverse within the MCU.

Tom Holland wrote on his Instagram account that this is a movie that will blow our minds. Trust me, he said without hesitation. And many believe that his words are perhaps a preview of the biggest surprise to come. Regardless of how many villains Sony decides to put in the film, it seems that no one will be happy unless we also see altar to the screen to the two previous arachnids of the cinema.

Both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have denied their participation in the film on more than one occasion. The little we know so far and what we can guess just from what seems like a story where an elite team of villains will jump into the MCU to torment a collegiate Peter Parker, is that the inclusion of another two protagonists is definitely complicated. .

In addition to the cluster of villains, already confirmed in the poster of Spider-man, the narrative of No Way Home has yet to make room for the participation of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. It seems unlikely that his participation is that of the simple grain of sand that will unleash the avalanche and surely his role in this “unleashed multiverse”, as Sony already described the film, is the beginning of the multiverse of madness that we see in his film.

For this reason, there are many fans who consider that the appearance of Maguire and Garfield will happen in a third act in which Holland is on the verge of madness with so many blows coming from any corner. If so, the three actors would share little screen time, which could disappoint all fans anyway.

Little by little Spider-Man: No Way Home is projected as the most complicated and ambitious film that the MCU will ever have, but also as the biggest risk that the studio will have not only in front of critics, but in front of fans of three different generations.

Rumors indicate that we will have another trailer for Spider-Man before his arrival in theaters. It seems silly to mention the date, when surely everyone has December 17, 2021 well marked on the calendar.

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