South Park creators aren’t afraid of cancellation culture


South Park it’s the kind of series that since its debut has been dangerously close to cancellation. Its creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have never stopped their hand when satirizing important moments in history and delicate themes of the culture of the world in general. Although they have faced some minor problems, the Show Animated has always been afloat and currently has 24 seasons. It is South Park immune to the culture of cancellation?

The aforementioned term is something that was coined during the most recent years in the midst of a general shift in consciousness. However, perhaps the key to the series is to have stood as incorrect and sarcastic for 30 years long before the “cancellation” was something of concern to the storytellers.

In that sense the showrunners of the series say they are not afraid of this situation today. As Matt Stone explains, he explained to The Hollywood Reporter, that they have expected to be canceled practically since the series’ premiere almost 30 years ago and for some miraculous reason that has never happened. I do not express, but it seems that everyone has agreed to accept South Park as it is.

“We have been waiting to be canceled for 30 years,” he said. Change who is involved. But we’ve been dealing with this the entire time we’ve been doing the show. And we cannot complain, we have done well. It feeds us and gives us something to talk about.

In the past, the animated series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, has been mired in problems of all kinds as a result of its content. What began as an absurdly humorous adult program gradually evolved into a satire that took its representations to the extreme.

That’s why when the series hit HBO Max last year, some episodes of the series were removed for their offensive content. There were five chapters that disappeared, which have also been omitted from the air programming on television for a long time. For Muslims the representation of Muhammad and other religious icons is something that is expressly prohibited.

Yet none of this has stopped the show’s creatives from continuing to push the boundaries to make scathing remarks about world events. In fact, Stone himself confessed that for future episodes he already plans to return to the origins of the series with stories from each week instead of trying to continue the narratives between episodes.

“We would like to go back to where every week we can do something totally different,” he explained. We tried to experiment with serialization. That had mixed results. And the last five or six years have been dominated by Trump being political and the tonal shift of society. And then the pandemic. We don’t want everything to be about the pandemic, but that is what is happening.

Parker and Stone signed a deal with Viacom CBS of just over $ 900 million for a massive expansion of the series’ universe through Paramount Plus. The agreement ensures, of course, the continuity of a Showlong-lived, but also the creation of a total of fourteen films for thestreaming, the first of which will hit the platform before the end of the year.

The series debuted in 1997 and quickly became an instant hit that put Comedy Central on the map. In fact, to date it is one of the company’s longest series and one of the longest in history for being on the air for just over 24 years.

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