Simon Leviev, the “Tinder scammer”, breaks the silence after documentary


For three consecutive weeks, the documentary The Tinder scammer It has remained the most watched content on Netflix. Everyone is talking about the fraudulent user of that social network, responsible for defrauding several women for up to ten million dollars. For his part, the accused remained completely silent until a couple of days ago, when he decided to grant an exclusive interview to Inside Editionthis being his first media appearance on the occasion of the popular red «N» movie.

The Tinder scammer puts at its center simon leiev, an Israeli who for the past decade has faced charges of theft, forgery and fraud. He actually spent two years in a Finnish prison—between 2015 and 2017—before being extradited to Israel, where in 2019 he again ended up behind bars for five months. Among his crimes, there was a kind of Ponzi scheme scam, from which he stole money from women he knew on Tinder, and with that money, he presented himself as someone wealthy to his subsequent victims.

However, Leviev – currently free – continues to deny his moniker as a swindler.

«I am not this monster [que pintan en el documental]. He was just a single guy who wanted to meet some girls on Tinder. I’m not a Tinder scammer,” he told Inside Edition. “I am not a fraud and I am not a fake. People don’t know me, so they can’t judge me.”

The first deception was in his surname, since his birth name was Simon Hayut, but he would have decided to change it to Leviev and thus appear to be heir to the diamond tycoon Lev Leviev. However, in the recent interview, the Israeli claimed never to have presented himself with that false identity, in addition to never having cajoled or threatened the women who testify in The Tinder scammer.

“I am a legitimate businessman,” he asserted. “I bought bitcoins in 2011, when they were nothing. I don’t need to say how much they work today.”

And I add:

“Do I feel bad about something I didn’t do? No. I feel bad about what happened to me. I want to clear my name. I want to tell the world that this is not true.”

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The Tinder scammer It is available in the Netflix Latin America catalog, since last February 2.

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