Should Blade be rated R in the MCU? Wesley Snipes thinks not.

One of the great concerns that does not let (certain sector of) Marvel fans sleep is the classification that the tapes of certain characters obtain. They already went through this martyrdom when they found out that dead pool would continue under license from Disney. And they did not rest until it was confirmed that the fit would maintain its particular adult tone. However the Blade from the MCU will probably not follow the same path and Wesley Snipes is of the opinion that the character does not need to maintain an R rating.

As you may know, Snipes is primarily known for his role in the Blade. Tapes that premiered at the beginning of this millennium. From the hand of Guillermo del Toro, this adaptation was characterized by having images and a mature language, more focused on adults. From that moment the public was married to the idea that Blade must necessarily be conceived in that way. But now the actor who played him two decades ago has denied such a notion.

While speaking in an interview with a website, the actor reflected on his old character. He defined that the stories of Blade are actually so diverse and cover a wide range of situations, that an adaptation could really be made, under any tone.

“I think those kinds of stories lend themselves to a wide range of dialogue and situations. For both adults and young adults,” she explained. “I don’t know, it seems like the R rating and PG-13 base is slipping now because it seems like now 13 year olds can speak better than adults. As long as it is true and organic to the theme, the plot and the world that is created. If there is consistency, I think it’s fine [ser PG-13 ]».

Marvel fans know that in all likelihood, the movie won’t maintain an adult tone. Or at least not one that requires its rating to be assigned Adults Only. Especially since the MCU over the years has maintained some consistency in tone and intent.

Despite the above, the fourth phase of Marvel is probably the one that has experimented the most with genres. For example, we recently saw Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. A film directed by Sam Raimi, in which the filmmaker placed each and every one of his particular traces for horror movies. Even Kevin Feige himself has defined it as Marvel’s first approach to terror.

Secondly Eternals It was also a different shortcut than usual. Having Chloe Zhao as director undoubtedly influenced the tone of the film. The Eternals was more of an intimate drama kind of thing, spiced up with a bit of block buster. It was precisely during the post-credit scene of the one where he was first introduced to the Blade of the MCU.

Only Mahershala Ali’s voice was heard on the scene. This supposedly because the final appearance of the character was not yet ready. In any case, it is not long before we know something more about the upcoming project.

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