Sex, modesty and tears 2 – Trailer, premiere and cast


Sex, modesty and tears premiered in 1999 in Mexico and represented the first step to that boom of the so-called «new Mexican cinema» and that it took off even more thanks to Loves Dogs by Alejandro G. Iñárritu in 2000. From there came a dozen productions such as for the free (Directed by Juan Carlos Llaca, 2000), green stones (Directed by Angel Flores Torres, 2001), Loving You hurts (Directed by Fernando Sariñana, 2002), And Your Mother Too (Dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 2001) among others. know all about Sex, modesty and tears 2.

This new story, twenty years after the original, also stars the original cast:Cecilia Suarez(Elvira would give you my life, but I’m using it, the Seriethe house of flowers),Jorge Salinas(My little big man, the other family),Susana Zabaleta(the SerieSOS: Sex and other secrets, Elisa before the end of the world),Monica Dionne(Don’t stain Frida),Victor Hugo Martin(Games under the moon, Fidel). Who are accompanied by new characters and actors such as Ximena Romo(This is not Berlin),Naian Gonzalez Norvind(Cherem),paco wheel(Like it was the first time),Jose Angel Bichir(killing ends) and the release ofVictoria Volkova.

modesty sex and tears 2

Alonso Iniguezdirects from a script co-written by him and the playwrightAlexander Ricano, under the production ofMatthias Ehrenberg(Dirty Laundry Washes Up, Gloria, Elsa and Fred, Dark Places, It’s Not You It’s Me) YCaroline Amador(Manchurian plot, Mole de pot).

modesty sex and tears 2

Sex, modesty and tears 2It will tell the story of what happened to the original characters twenty years later, and incidentally it will also have the look of a new generation that will see the trouble their parents got into with a different lens.

For its part,Matthias Ehrenbergdeclared, “We are very excited to pick up the story of Ana, Miguel, Andrea, Carlos and María after twenty years to meet new characters and stories that new generations can identify with.”

Release date of Sex, modesty and tears 2

Sex, modesty and tears 2 It will arrive on HBO Max exclusively on February 4, 2022.

Sex, modesty and tears 2 trailer

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