Seth Rogen says people don’t care about the Oscar, “and why should they?”


Who cares about the Oscars? The answer is simple: not all people. Obviously it matters a lot for the Hollywood industry, but also for those of us who are dedicated to film journalism and, probably, for inveterate moviegoers. On the eve of a new delivery of the Academy Awards, seth roden the same question is asked… Although the protagonists of Super cool (2007) is one of the actors who experiences the paraphernalia of this event better than anyone else, he is aware of the heterogeneous nature of the public. So he came to the conclusion that there is not a very good reason for all the people to remain expectant about what happens at the Oscars or any awards show.

Such statements were made exclusively for INSIDER about the commercial he stars in with Paul Rudd about Lay’sthe American potato chip brand, which will debut at Super Bowl LVI.

“I don’t understand why movie people care so much if other people care about the awards we give ourselves,” Rogen said.

“I think maybe people just don’t care,” the series actor continued. Pam & Tommy. “I don’t care who wins the car awards. No other industry expects everyone to care what awards they give themselves. Maybe people just don’t care. Maybe they cared for a while and then stopped caring. And why should they care?

Seth Rogen’s statements lend themselves to interesting debate and various interpretations. We could then think that although the actor is right, has he reflected that the Oscars are very useful to arouse the interest of the public so that they go see those films that are not classified as blockbusters and that almost always go unnoticed?

The sad Oscar ceremony

Talking about the ceremony beyond the movies is something else… According to data from Variety, the Oscar Awards ceremony has suffered a sharp nosedive around its audiences for several years. To give you an idea, the 93rd edition of the Oscars (2021) had a total of 9.23 million viewers, which meant a drop of 51% compared to the 18.69 million viewers who saw the 92nd edition of the Oscar awards (2020).

The challenge continues and it seems that one of the objectives to increase the audience number this year would be the return of a master of ceremonies. Let us remember that the last time the Oscars did not do without a presenter was in 2018 with Jimmy Kimmel at the helm.

Seth Rogen against the Oscars since 2018…

And speaking of the Oscars crisis, Seth Rogen seems to have had a solution since 2018… “I think we should vote on who wins the Oscars five years after the movies come out. That’s how long it takes me to really know if I think it’s a good movie or not.”he wrote from his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the 94th Academy Awards will take place next Sunday. March 27th from 2022 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. HERE you can consult the complete list of nominees.

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