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These are the best series about fashion. Those that have fascinated both the public and specialized critics and that stand out not only for the detailed way in which they portray a world that is as colorful as it is competitive, but also for their committed narratives and excellent production teams. All worthy of a marathon and with catwalk costumes!

So, as Madonna said: “strike a pose» (put on your best pose) and get ready to see the best series on fashion.

Just Shoot Me! (each with his life1997-2003)

just shoot me

A sitcom that was on the air for 7 seasons and that focused on the day-to-day inside the magazine’s offices bluewhich at the time drew many comparisons with fashion (That post has been compared countless times to other fictitious companies!). It begins when Maya, a rising journalist, begins to work in a world where everything she doesn’t like is idealized.

As she writes about gossip, models, and neurotic designers, she doesn’t lose her wonderful sense of humor, nor does she give up her quest to publish texts on topics she considers more serious.

Jane By Design (2012)

Jane By Design Best series on fashion

sitcom which centers on Jane Quimby, a teenager who, mistaken for an adult, lands a job at the company of designer Gray Chandler Murray, played by Andie MacDowell. She now, she must lead a double life: as a high school student and as a member of the exclusive world of fashion.

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The Paradise (2012-2013)

Emun Elliott Galleries Paradise series

Another of the best series on fashion. Set in 1875, this story follows Denise Lovett, a small-town girl from Scotland who lands a position at the department store. The Paradise. Soon Denise gains the trust of the shop owner, John Moray, but this is not to Audrey, Clara and Katherine’s liking. The latter is determined to marry Moray, which is why she sees Denise as a threat. Based on the novel ladies’ paradiseauthored by Emile Zola.

The time between seams (2013-2014)

Adriana Ugarte actress

Spanish production applauded by the public and critics. It focuses on Sira, a young seamstress from the capital who escapes to Morocco with her boyfriend. Throughout its 11 episodes, we see how she evolves and makes her way in the hostile world of fashion. However, although she manages to get ahead, her life among her fabrics soon turns into something much more shady: a front for an illegal haute couture business. based on the best-seller namesakeauthored by María Dueñas.

Velvet (2014-2016)

Miguel Ángel Silvestre Velvet series

With a budget of approximately 500,000 euros per episode (via), this is also one of the darlings of Spanish critics. It focuses on the love story between Ana and Alberto, who belong to different social classes, but who will fight to be together. In addition to this romance, another topic that is dealt with within the project is the way of life in Spain in 1958, as well as the arrival of the trend ready-to-wear (mass-produced, ready-to-wear garments) to the country.

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The Collection (2016)


A typical, but captivating, family drama. It is the story of the rivalry between brothers and designers Paul and Claude Sabine, who compete for glory in the fashion world of post-war Paris. But beyond his business struggle, there are also his disturbing personal problems.

The Bold Type (2017)

The Bold Type series about fashion

Created by Sarah Watson, it tells the story of Jane, Kat and Sutton, three friends who are hired to work for the magazine Scarlet. It has been acclaimed in a large number of critics. It is based on the life and career of Joanna Coles, former editor-in-chief of cosmopolitan.

Velvet Collection (2017-2018)

Best series about fashion

Production that served as a sequel, and a kind of spin offto the aforementioned Velvet. In this program, we witness how in 1967, after living for a time in New York, Ana and Alfredo return to Spain to open their second store in the country. The series stands out because it features the returns of most of the cast from the original. Why not promote it as a new season instead of a separate story? We don’t know, but it was just as well received as the previous one.

Katy Keene (2020)

Katy Keene series about fashion

East spin off from Riverdale, might not count for many as one of the best series on fashion as such, but since its protagonist is an aspiring designer, the episodes are a feast of colors and styles, an issue that pleased locals and strangers. It was canceled after one season, but it will be remembered for its great potential, and for departing from the somber tone of other series created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

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