Sentenced to Death for Bringing Squid Game to North Korea


A young man who sold a USB containing the episodes of The Squid game he was sentenced to death in North Korea. The incident occurred in a school, where copies of the series were quickly distributed among the students in a group. Later students from other groups found out about the situation and also asked for the videos. When everything was unmasked, the student who began the distribution of the series was sentenced to life imprisonment.

This situation is due to the “Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture” which became effective as of the year 2020. This regulation was created to prevent content from other countries, especially the United States and South Korea, from being spread throughout North Korea. A clear attempt by the dictator Kim Jong-un to prevent his citizens from knowing other types of thoughts contrary to his administration and that could result in acts of rebellion.

The student in question bought the USB with the content of the series and later shared it with six other classmates, as reported Variety. All the young people who obtained the series were sentenced to five years of forced labor, while the one who started the distribution of the USB was sentenced to life in prison. However, the most disturbing fact was that the man who sold him the series in the first place was sentenced to death and executed.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. In the past, a man who was caught selling USB devices and SD cards with foreign music, movies and series, was executed in the middle of the street by the police forces of that country.

On the other hand, the school teachers, who under their guard the distribution of the series occurred, were fired from the institute and exiled from the party. All of them are likely to face years of forced labor in mines and rural places.

Of course, this fact has all North Korean citizens concerned, especially because of the raids initiated by government agents in search of audiovisual content alien to the ideals of the party. Previous reports had already established that The squid gamer had already been widely smuggled throughout Korea, so many are now afraid.

In the same way, other teachers from various schools also face uncertainty before the demonstration of this fact. They could well be fired and banished from their lives if any of their students are caught in possession of the series or any other undesirable content by the government.

According to other reports (via) across the Korean country the rumor spread that some people with economic possibilities have been able to bribe government agents to overlook the possession of certain content such as the Netflix series. This rumor has the Kim Jong-un government concerned, because it would be a specific sign that money (capitalism) can move the world, the main thesis of the series.

The Squid Game premiered on the Netflix platform on September 17 and quickly became a hit in almost every country in the world. It was only during this week that the series finally came out of the Top 10 of the most watched content, being that it led the positions for many consecutive weeks.

Previously, North Korea had praised the series for being an example of how the capitalist world and the power granted by money, could influence society to lead them to commit vile acts. It seems that this opinion is not shared by the Kim Jong-un government.

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