Sebastian Stan Thought He Wouldn’t Do More Than One Marvel Movie


Years ago, sebastian stan He achieved worldwide fame at the hands of Marvel Studios, thanks to his role as Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier in the MCU. Currently, after five feature films, two brief cameos and two television series, it does not seem that the Romanian-American has put an end to collaborating with the House of Ideas. And that, a decade ago, he suspected that his participation in that franchise would not encompass more than one film.

In a recent chat with Vanity Fair, Sebastian Stan summarized his film and television career, based on the most outstanding titles on his resume. After mentioning his work in gossip-girl (2007-2010) and the black swan (2010), it is time to talk about Captain America the First Avenger, the 2011 film where Steve Rogers and his friend Bucky Barnes —played by Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, respectively— made their debut in the MCU. But not even Stan could have predicted that his character would appear in many more productions under the Marvel Studios label.

«I certainly didn’t know I’d be playing the role for 10 years“, comments Stan in the video. “I remember auditioning for the role of Steve Rogers and not getting it. And then I got a call for this other role [el de Bucky Barnes] and they told me about it and where it might go. But it didn’t seem like there was any compromise, really.«.

And I add:

“The MCU was still very young back then. There was always a kind of humble attitude on Kevin’s part. [Feige] and everyone who was there. It was like, ‘Look, we have plans and we want to make these movies and continue to build this universe, but we don’t know. It might work, it might not work.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding that emerging franchise, Sebastian Stan had at least a clue as to how his character would evolve in a favorable scenario. He was very clear that Barnes would fall into the void at a peak moment of Captain Americawhich apparently implied his death, but actually meant the origin of his alter ego: the Winter Soldier.

“I knew at the end of the story, I was going to fall off this train and then they were going to give me this green sleeve [para propósitos del CGI] which would indicate that [mi personaje] I would be losing my arm and that way I could get into the plot line of the Winter Soldier, “he commented to Vanity Fair. “That was the only indication I had that he would potentially come back.”

On the other hand, Stan also stated that at the time of filming that train scene, the production team seemed to have given up on the idea of ​​including the green sleeve, which he interpreted as a bad sign for his character. “I thought, ‘Oh, then that’s it. I’m going to die on that train. There is no way back’. But they just didn’t know which arm they were going to use or something.”he clarified in the same talk.

Sebastian Stan comes from participating in two Marvel Studios series: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the animation What if…?both available on the platform streaming DisneyPlus. Currently, he steals headlines for his impersonation of drummer Tommy Lee on the show. Pam & Tommy from Hulu, where his co-star Lily James plays the famous Pamela Anderson. In Mexico, this content can be seen through Star Plus.

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