Scream 5 – Movie Premiere, Cast and Trailer


One of the most influential horror sagas in cinematography, which began in 1996, has undoubtedly been scream created at the time by Kevin Williamson and the mythical Wes craven. Looking ahead to the next release of Scream 5 we already have the trailer and each one of the details of this new delivery; including the return of the original cast.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (Bloody wedding) are responsible for the project that is sustained thanks to a script written by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac), Guy Busick (Castle rock) and Kevin Williamson himself (scream, nineteen ninety six). The production of Scream 5 It is run by William Sherak, James Vanderbilt and Paul Neinstein.

What is it about?

«A new installment of the horror franchise scream will follow a woman who returns to her hometown to try to discover who has been committing a series of heinous crimes, ”reveals a synopsis (via IMDb).

On what it’s like to go back to making a movie of scream without Wes Craven, Courtney Cox commented:

“From the moment I walked on set, I felt extremely emotional and felt a real longing and longing for him,” Cox told EW. «[Wes Craven] He had such a special, kind and caring quality, not to mention his incredible talent as a filmmaker. I admired Wes [Craven] professionally, but also as a friend. I feel like Wes would be very happy with the way Matt [ Bettinelli-Olpin] and tyler [Gillett] They have restarted this franchise«.


The cast will have completely new faces like that of the Mexican Melissa Barrera (Life, In the neighborhood), Jenna ortega (The Babysitter: Killer Queen); the star of 13 Reasons Why, Dylan minnette; Mason Gooding (Love, victor); Mikey Madison (Once upon a time in … Hollywood); Kyle Gallner (Ghosts of war); Jasmin Savoy Brown (The Leftovers) and Jack Quaid (The Boys).

But the spirit of the saga is maintained with the return of Neve campbell as Sidney Prescott; the infamous journalist Gale Weathers played by Courteney cox; Sheriff Dewey Riley acted as David arquette; and the actress Marley shelton, who debuted in Scream 4 in the role of Judy Hicks.

Ghostface’s return to theaters will occur on January 14, 2022. “Do you like scary movies?”

Official poster


The portal EW exclusively brings the first stills of Scream 5:

Jenna ortega
Jenna ortega
Melissa Barrera Scream 5 trailer
Melissa barrera
David arquette
David arquette
Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox cast Scream 5
Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox
Ghostface Scream 5 trailer

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