Scooby 2 Writer Reacts After The Movie Was Canceled

Within all the scandal that exists in HBOMax, another canceled movie was scooby 2. The animated film would serve as a sequel to scoob, a 2020 production that was unlucky when released during the first months of the pandemic. Despite the fact that the animation was almost ready, Warner Bros. Discovery decided to cancel its release, as happened with batgirl. Although for this animation there was not a large group of fans to defend it, Paul Dini, one of its writers, has already issued his first words after the devastating news.

Dini is known for his work on various comics and animated films such as Batman: The Animated Series and other Warner Bros. projects in recent years. He claims the movie was 95% complete and designed to be a hit when it was released this December. He also comments that the film could become a Christmas classic for years to come.

Through its Twitter shared the following:

“A great wizard once taught me two magic words that will bring us out of the darkness of disappointment: Shit! To what follows! And yes, indeed, to what follows. I’m a co-writer, but also, why cancel a 95% finished Christmas movie so close to release date, when you guaranteed the kids would watch it from Halloween to New Year’s? It doesn’t make business sense, especially since parents and kids loved it in test screenings.”

Something certain is that many animated films are revisited year after year and have truly become classics. Taking into account that HBOMax has little children’s content compared to other platforms, it does not sound unreasonable to think that this could have happened with the now canceled scooby 2.

Paul Dini wrote the film alongside director Tony Cervone, who also helmed the 2020 film. Despite releasing directly on HBOMax and select theaters, it was a hit with those on lockdown. Cervone also used his social networks to express his feelings at the abrupt news:

“I am afraid that is true. The film is practically finished and it turned out beautiful. I’m heartbroken”.

So far, the only thing that is known is that the company is “canning” projects in which they had no confidence to recover the investment. This August 4, an event will be held in which Warner Bros. Discovery will make announcements about the increase in its subscribers. Very important announcements are expected regarding the future of HBOMax, DC and Warner projects in general.

What will be the next canceled projects? Place your bets!

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