Sandra Bullock regrets Maximum speed 2: “I’m still embarrassed”


the action tape Maximum speed (1994) was undoubtedly the first great success of Sandra Bullock, being at that time a rising Hollywood star. Together with Keanu Reeves and in complicity with director Jan de Bont, Bullock starred in that story about a passenger bus that —after being manipulated by a terrorist— cannot stop or slow down to less than 50 miles per hour, so sorry to explode The 20th Century Fox film became a resounding success, grossing $350 million globally (more than ten times its budget). And she was even the recipient of two Oscars in the sound branch.

But then came the infamous sequel, where Bullock was similarly involved, which still embarrasses her to this day.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Maximum speed (1994)

In a recent interview (via IndieWire), Sandra Bullock made reference to the sequels that make up her acting career, specifically the continuation of Speed —original title of Maximum speed— which was also directed by Jan de Bont, although without Keanu Reeves in the leading role. And boy, does the Oscar winner regret not following the example of the actor from The Matrix.

“I have one [secuela a la cual] no one came forward and I’m still embarrassed that I participated. Is named Speed ​​2Bullock commented. “I have been very critical about it. Has no sense. A slow boat, going slowly towards an island […] That’s one I wish I hadn’t done.”

top speed 2 -or Speed ​​2: Cruise Control— follows a premise similar to that of the original film, but now in the Caribbean Sea. Bullock’s character, Annie, is vacationing with her partner on a luxury cruise ship. However, they soon discover that they are trapped and that the ship was rigged to crash into an oil tanker. The film premiered in 1997 and was panned by critics, in addition to being a box office failure.

Both for that failed film and for Miss Congeniality 2, Sandra Bullock considers that the sequels in which she participates “are all stinky”. On the other hand, her co-star from the upcoming film The lost CityDaniel Radcliffe, was also present at that same interview and opined that top speed 2 It has at least “a kind of cult love”.

“Very quiet, like five people,” Bullock scoffed. “He [el entrevistador] and the other four 12-year-olds who were watching the slow boat heading towards the small island.”

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The lost City (2022)

The lost City It is the great return of Sandra Bullock to the big screen, after four years of absence. In addition to Radcliffe, he is joined in this romantic adventure comedy by Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt, with brothers Aaron and Adam Nee directing and co-writing (along with writers Oren Uziel and Dana Fox). Now, should we expect a sequel to this title?

“I don’t know if I’d like to do a sequel, but look, we had Dana Fox as a writer. If Dana Fox came up with something brilliant, there you have it,” said Bullock, referring to the also screenwriter of cruel.

The Mexican premiere of The lost City It will take place on April 21.

Sandra Bullock’s entry laments Speed ​​2: “I’m still embarrassed” was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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