Russo brothers hold back negotiations to direct another MCU movie


Russo brothers hold back negotiations to direct another MCU movie

Do youStreaming or movie theaters? That is the question for large distributors today. Due to the lingering pandemic context, the last year has been particularly risky when it comes to launching a blockbuster on the big screen. Due to the low (or null) attendance at theaters, the numbers at the box office do not do justice to the potential of a certain title if it was released under “normal” circumstances. Therefore, companies such as Warner Bros. and Disney chose to resort to the famous model of hybrid premieres, which has not been without controversy, doubts and infinite repercussions. For example, now filmmaker brothers Joe and Anthony Russo They may not be directing an MCU movie again because of the uncertainty that permeates the House of Mouse’s cinematic layout.

The Russo brothers joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than five years ago, through the acclaimed film Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Later they were also responsible for Captain America: Civil War and the last two installments of the saga Avengers. The last of them, Avengers: Endgame, was a colossal success, to the point of momentarily becoming the highest grossing film of all time (prior to Avatar will regain the top position in 2021).

Either way, his track record in the MCU – four movies that together grossed more than $ 6.5 billion – speaks highly of that duo of directors. Therefore, it is not surprising that Marvel Studios continues to hold talks with the Russians, in order to discuss new projects that could mean their future return to the franchise. However, such conversations appear to have come to a sharp halt due to issues related to the rise of digital platforms.

According The Wall Street Journal (via), Joe and Anthony Russo “Reached a dead end in negotiations to direct another Marvel movie”, because “They are not sure how their next film will be distributed and how they will be paid”.

Such a dead end would be linked to the uproar generated by Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney. Weeks ago, the interpreter of Natasha Romanoff accused the House of the Mouse of contractual violation when premiering Black widow simultaneously in cinemas and on the server streaming Disney Plus. Johansson alleges that, in this way, the studio undermined the box office performance of that film, and consequently, it also harmed the royalties that she was entitled to from the proceeds in movie theaters. What did the company earn? Increase the value of Disney Plus, its number of subscribers and the bonuses of the high command, according to the aforementioned lawsuit.

It is certainly not that the directors of Cherry frown upon digital platforms. In Fall 2020, Joe Russo spoke about the advantages of servers from streaming, both in the way of evaluating a film and in its global reach, being that there are titles that manage to reach more people thanks to the catalogs of video on demand. The issue here is that large companies provide certainty and fair rewards when sending to the streaming a film that was originally intended for the big screen. The Walt Disney Company apparently failed on this, considering its current legal dispute with Scarlett Johansson.

To date, voices point out that the next MCU movie that the Russo brothers may (or may not) direct is an adaptation of the comics. Secret wars. Weeks ago, the creator of those comics, Jim shooter, He asserted that there was an unexpected approach by a Marvel executive, which (among other things) reinforced the idea that a feature film inspired by that printed series was brewing underwater.

But, will the Russos effectively no longer be candidates for the chair of that hypothetical and not inconsiderable project?

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