Russian Film Festival in Mexico, these are the movies you can watch online


Of the September 23 to October 17, 2021 the second edition of the Russian Film Festival in Mexico (Russian Film Festival Mexico) is taking place. In total there are 8 films focused on the complexity of human relationships. You can enjoy the festival’s programming on the platform FilminLatino of the IMCINE, in alliance with Roskino.

Movies to enjoy online

Tell herby Alexander Molochnikov

Synopsis: «The family drama and the consternation of a little boy who lives the difficult divorce of his parents. Forced to make a choice under pressure to prefer one of the two, they choose for him, which transforms their lives forever.

Russian Film Festival in Mexico, movies online

The parentsby Ilya Aksenov

Synopsis: «The story of a family man who one morning decides to fulfill his lifelong dream: to go with his family to the Grushinsky Festival and play his songs there. The family is forced to accept the wish of a dreaming father and go on a journey throughout Russia. Along the way they will have adventures, many difficulties, a litmus test for the family and an important meeting, which the father had been waiting for twenty years ».

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Mashaby Anastasia Palchikova

Synopsis: «Little Masha grew up between a boxing ring and the streets of a Russian province, during the turbulent 90’s. Her family is actually a dangerous gang hated by the whole city. Masha begins her awakening when she discovers her taste for jazz and her dream of being a singer, which makes her undertake a trip to Moscow where she will try to start a new life, while facing the past that drags her.

Russian Film Festival in Mexico, movies online

Odessaby Valery Todorovsky

Synopsis: “Set in Odessa, in August 1970 the story of Boris, an international journalist, and his eight-year-old son Valerik, who arrive from Moscow to visit their grandparents, unfolds. On the day of his arrival, a quarantine is announced in Odessa, the city is closed, and Boris, who has just arrived, is forced to stay on an unplanned vacation, an event that will change his life forever.

Sheena 667by Grigory Dobrygin

Synopsis: «The story is about the relationship between Oyla and Vadim. They both live in a car workshop on the outskirts of the town of Vyshny Volochok, amidst destroyed roads, snow and fog. Both will enjoy everyday life and its balance until an unexpected arrival of technology invades their lives.

Russian Film Festival in Mexico, movies online

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 Has anyone seen my girlfriend?by Angelina Nikonova

Synopsis: «Sergey and Kira are an intellectual couple and passionate moviegoers, who in the early 90’s were considered the most beautiful couple in St. Petersburg. Soon her beautiful love story turns into a terrible drama, when she flees to another city, with another man she has fallen in love with. Seventeen years later, the beautiful and successful Kira realizes that she has no chance of being happy, as her heart stayed forever in St. Petersburg with her old love. ”

Stanislavski. Thirst for lifeby Yulia Bobkova

Synopsis: «This documentary details the story of Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavski, as well as his method and the search for an answer to the question: ‘Does modern theater need Stanislavski?’ While the characters will discover that art lacks its main component: the human being himself.


Synopsis: «The story of three curious kittens, as well as their relationships and adventures. Kitty Cookie, her little brother Pudding and her little sister Candy learn together to express their emotions, to support each other and to find a way out of any situation, with the help of their imagination and the advice of their parents.

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