Russian actress and filmmaker tell of their experience of filming in space


In early October 2021, the Russian Federal Space Agency launched the spacecraft into outer space. Soyuz MS-19 with three crew members. One of them was the veteran astronaut Anton Shkaplerov, but more interesting was who accompanied him. It was about the filmmaker Klim shipenko and the actress Yulia Peresild, who after three or four months of training, got down to work to build the first commercial film to be filmed outside of Earth.

The International Space Station served as the location for this ambitious project, entitled The Challenge, for which Shipenko and Peresild had only twelve days of shooting. Both of them returned to our planet – safe and sound – on October 17, undoubtedly with a great story to tell. Even the director wasted no time and immediately shared on Instagram your cosmonautical experience.

My last sunset in space. I’m saying goodbye! Space will stay with me forever! Thanks for your support! I felt it and it gave me strength and energy to work. Now I am safe at home. Together with my space actress Yulia Peresild we fly through all layers of the atmosphere. All for the sake of our new movie, The Challenge! ”, Shipenko wrote at the bottom of a video where we see him in a space cabin with several windows.

This week, two days after their return, the actress and the director of the upcoming film attended a press conference in Moscow, with the aim of talking about their unusual film adventure (via The country). Peresild, 37, acknowledged that he was never afraid in those almost two weeks of stay on the International Space Station, because “at all times” the crew provided relevant instructions. On the other hand, the actor regretted that finally there was no time to film everything they wanted.

“We had very little time, there was a schedule to meet. On the last day, we saw that the next morning it was all over and we felt guilty. We didn’t have time to do everything we wanted. It went at full speed, we took off and already back again, “said the Russian.

There were more than thirty hours of material that will eventually be reduced “to about 25 or 30 minutes”, in the words of Shipenko, who also acknowledged that several shots had to be improvised, or in other words, adapted “according to the circumstances.” On the other hand, you still have to shoot several scenes on Earth to cover all the pages of the script. The Challenge will tell the story of a surgeon who travels into space to assist a cosmonaut, who is too ill to return to the planet and receive the required medication there.

In May 2020, reports came in that Tom cruise had teamed up with NASA and SpaceX to plan an action movie set to take place in outer space. Months later, Russia announced that it intended to make a similar move to The Challenge and weeks ago he went further than Hollywood in solving the filming of his dramatic tape. However, Klim Shipenko chooses not to consider this a novel space race, but now from the cinematographic realm.

“I would not say that this is a space film race,” said the director at the press conference. We just did our job. Our team received an interesting mission: to take part in a shoot and help them make a good movie.

At the moment, there is no tentative release date for The Challenge. But Shipenko is hopeful that the film will be distributed internationally, so that it can “get its budget back.” Although an official figure is not reported, some estimates consider that the pure space mission cost 2 billion rubles. That is, about $ 28 million.

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