“Running Up That Hill”, the song of the moment, thanks to Stranger Things

With its eighties atmosphere, the successful series stranger things has always deserved conversations in part because of its soundtrack, made up of classic songs that perhaps the new generations are just discovering. Now it was the turn of “Running Up That Hill” (1985). It is a single by the English Kate Bush that aptly accompanied the character of Max Mayfield —played by Sadie Sink— in the recent fourth season of the show, to the point of setting music to one of the most memorable sequences of this new installment, where the girl stars in an epic confrontation against his demons.

With such a background, “Running Up That Hill” has just reached the first position of the most listened to on Apple Music in the United States. And it remains in the top 10 of 34 countries, according to numbers from Variety.

But how did that tune get onto the Netflix show? Well, to start the choice of “Max’s song to be defined” —according to the initial scripts—it was the responsibility of nora feldermusic supervisor stranger things. And based on the situation of the character, it was that she found “Running Up That Hill” the ideal option.

“I was immediately captivated by its deep chords and the possible connection to Max’s emotional struggles,” Felder told Variety. “And it became more important as the song of [Kate] Bush permeated my conscience.”

One obstacle to obtaining the rights to that single, however, was Kate Bush’s fame of not readily approving of her music being used in film or television sequences. Therefore, Felder proceeded to meet with his authorization coordinator to plan how to convince the British singer.

“Knowing the challenges, we proceeded to create elaborate scene descriptions that provided as much context as possible so that Kate and her team had a full understanding of the uses [que pensábamos para la canción]», commented the musicalizer. “When we finished, we were nervous, but excited and hopeful.”

By then, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of stranger things, obviously they already knew about that musical proposal and were very enthusiastic about it. In fact, before bringing it up with the Duffers, Nora Felder first approached Sony Music Publishing—publisher in charge of “Running Up That Hill”—to see how feasible it would be to get the permits.

In the end it was not just a possibility but a reality. At first, because Kate Bush was a “big fan” of the Netflix show (via Variety). And eventually he gave her approval, after knowing the intention and the vision that would be in the use of her song throughout season four.

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In “Running Up That Hill,” the chorus dictates, “If only I could, I’d make a deal with God.” And according to Nora Felder, that part of the lyrics was the one that best connected with the character of Max, who continues to mourn the death of his half-brother Billy.

“Kate Bush’s lyrics can mean very different things to different people,” commented the music supervisor. “In the face of Max’s painful isolation and estrangement from others, a ‘deal with God’ could heartbreakingly reflect Max’s implicit belief that only an unlikely miracle of understanding and show of support could help her scale the hills of humanity. life before her. In Max’s situation, the need for a ‘deal with God’ could be understood metaphorically as a desperate cry for love.

The first seven episodes of the fourth season of stranger things are now available in the Netflix Latin America catalog. The remaining two will arrive on July 1st at the platform. What expectations do you have for the conclusion of this new installment?

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