RUMOR: Amber Heard eliminated from Aquaman 2 and replaced as Mera

This week, the news portal Just Jared revealed that according to her sources, Amber Heard has finally been removed from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Such a possibility has been circulating on social networks for some time, even with the support of a campaign on that emerged in 2020, with the sole objective of demanding Heard’s removal from the upcoming DC Extended Universe film. The reasons, we all know: since he pointed out that his ex-husband Johnny Depp was an abuser, several supporters of the actor have wanted to join a boycott against the actor. And now that she has been legally ruled to have lied in such accusations, she may indeed no longer have a future in the superhero franchise.

On the other hand, as said by Just JaredAmber Heard would not only have been left out of the sequel to Aquaman. In addition, the report handles that his replacement in the DCEU is imminent. The Texan joined the franchise in 2017, giving life to the warrior Mera. Her first appearance occurred in Justice League, and a year later he accompanied Jason Momoa in the solo film King of the Seven Seas. Later, thanks to her three-film deal with Warner Bros. Pictures, her presence in the second Aquaman it was guaranteed. But after the legal conflict with Johnny Depp, the rumor indicates that Warner will look for a new actress to play Mera in the future.

In the middle of a trial for defamation with Depp —happened between April and June 2022— Amber Heard affirmed that her participation in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was greatly reduced. The histrión even pointed out that the studio already had reservations about keeping her in the cast, as a result of the bad image she had acquired on social networks, within the framework of the complaints against her ex-partner. By then, the rumor was that Heard would have less than ten minutes on screen.

Now, after the jury found false the actress’s allegations that Johnny Depp physically abused her – according to the verdict released two weeks ago – it seemed only a matter of time for Warner Bros. Pictures to take a drastic measure, as is cutting out all of her Mera scenes in the sequel. However, a rep for Amber Heard immediately came out to refute the original note that she had been removed from Aquaman 2.

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According to IndieWirethe interpreter’s spokesman said the following in a statement: “The rumor mill continues as it has from day one: vague, insensitive and a little crazy”. And based on an update from Just JaredSome sources close to the production asserted that the actress’s scenes are still in the film and that she still has “a small role.”

However, the same outlet insists that other sources say the opposite: that Warner is looking for a replacement for Mera and that there will be reshoots of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom with Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman. Who do we believe?

For now, the film directed by James Wan is still expected to hit theaters on March 17, 2023.

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