Roland Emmerich didn’t want to direct a Godzilla movie


By the end of the 1990s, Hollywood brought its ill-fated reinterpretation of the kaiju most famous in the world. Ultimately, this film was a slip in the career of a filmmaker who —without being the most acclaimed by critics— did come from directing several blockbuster science fiction titles, including the iconic film Independence Day (nineteen ninety six). However, perhaps one of the biggest problems of Godzilla of 1998 is that, from the beginning, Roland Emmerich I didn’t even want to occupy the director’s chair.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, veteran Roland Emmerich recalled his lack of interest in finalizing the American version of Godzilla, the monster originally belonging to the homonymous Japanese franchise. However, it seems that distributor TriStar Pictures has become very persuasive when it comes to business. On the other hand, the filmmaker promoted the idea of ​​reinventing the appearance of the kaiju and turn him into the infamous skinny, hunched lizard we all remember.

From Emmerich’s perspective, such a proposal already provided enough clues that he was not destined for this project. Instead, the company that owns the rights to Godzilla, Toho, saw with good eyes that physical divergence.

«I didn’t want to do Godzilla. But they made me a deal that was unheard of. I said, ‘Okay, let’s make it really radical. I’m not doing the big-bellied Godzilla. I’m doing it like a lizard'”, commented the German in that interview. “That was supposed to tell everyone that I couldn’t do this movie. [Pero los ejecutivos de Toho] They said, ‘Oh, we’ll call it the new Godzilla, the Godzilla of Hollywood. and then we [en Japón] we can still do our fat Godzilla.

At that time, the director’s real interest was in a possible feature film about a meteorite that threatens the Earth, for which Dean Devlin, screenwriter and frequent collaborator of Emmerich, was also involved. But sadly, Godzilla came to vanish those plans. And the premise of a catastrophic asteroid was finally worked out by Michael Bay and Mimi Leder in Armageddon and Deep Impact, respectively: two disaster films that also premiered in 1998.

“I was constantly working on my meteor movie. And she was just dragged by Godzilla, and then all of a sudden Michael Bay came along and did it first.”

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Matthew Broderick and Maria Pitillo in Godzilla (1998)

At the time, Godzilla It fell somewhat short at the box office, racking up $379 million worldwide over its $130 million budget. What really suffered were the comments of specialized critics. It exhibits a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

By Roland Emmerich, the premiere of moon fall, a film where the Moon comes out of orbit and crashes directly into the Earth. It will arrive in Mexican theaters on February 3 of the current year.

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