Roland Emmerich believes that Marvel, DC and Star Wars ruin the cinema


A few months after the premiere of the 28th film in the MCU franchise, there are still filmmakers outside that universe who can consider the saga as an enemy. In this case it was the turn of Roland Emmerich, eternal manufacturer of blockbusters of disasters and destruction, who also pales before the dominance in the industry that Marvel, DC, or the brand starwars.

Emmerich, very close to releasing his science fiction film in theaters moon fall, was questioned (via) about the difficulties of releasing a big-budget film destined to pack theaters, in the midst of a superheroic parade of premieres. The director confirmed that, indeed, the efforts are titanic because both Marvel and DC, and even starwars, have been in charge of making the road a little more difficult, even ruining the cinema a bit.

“Oh yeah. Because naturally Marvel and DC Comics, and Star Wars, have pretty much taken over,” he explained. “They’re screwing up our industry a little bit, because nobody does anything original anymore.”

The director pointed out that in some way Marvel conditions its audiences by programming up to four film premieres a year, which are also complemented by premieres on platforms. streaming which are also related. In his opinion, this leaves very little scope for filmmakers to try to configure something close to originality.

Emmerich even pointed out that the only director who has somehow managed to escape these schemes to do the same is Christopher Nolan with his trilogy of Dark Knight. However, for the rest of the superhero films, Emmerich only considers that they are something ephemeral and meaningless that overcrowds movie theaters, where original stories no longer exist.

If something must be recognized about Roland Emmerich, it is that over the years, he has been the creator directly responsible for all his stories. Going from the classic of broadcast television Independence Day and its infamous sequel, until The day after tomorrow or the apocalyptic 2012.

His line is original stories that seek to reflect on the natural disasters that both the planet and humanity can experience. His most recent project certainly celebrates these concerns. moon fall explores what would happen if the Moon goes out of orbit with a projected collision with the planet Earth and the multiple natural effects that would happen in such a case.

moon fall, directed by Emmerich, features Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, Donald Sutherland and John Bradley in its cast. The film will hit theaters on February 3.

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