Robert Pattinson’s voice for Batman was horrible at first


One of the most important parts of the Batman character is his voice, and Robert Pattinson had his own struggle to get the tone right. To tell the truth, this characteristic of the character is one of the most complicated to perform. According to the actor, during the first two weeks of filming he tried an idea that was finally discarded. The same production team told him to stop and kindly asked him to find another version of the voice for the character.

Since batman was announced with Robert Pattinson in front, there was some suspicion among the fans. Many viewers, still unaware of his true acting talent, were still aware of his participation in the saga. Twilight. However, the path from that announcement to the premiere of the film was accompanied by premieres such as Tenet from director Christopher Nolan, or The lighthouse by Robert Eggers.

robert pattinson batman voice

Such films, and especially the first previews of the bat movie, allowed fans to have complete confidence in the choice of actor. However, for Robert Pattinson the road was not so easy and one of the biggest obstacles he faced in finding the perfect Batman was finding the right tone of voice. This is how he told it recently when he attended the jimmy kimmel late night show.

Pattinson claimed that he intended to turn known interpretations of the character on its head. Batman’s voice is generally deep, thick and aggressive. Therefore his intention was to do the complete opposite. Something that eventually did not work out.

“I wanted to do something radically different from all the other Batmans,” he said. “I just thought that since everyone has this gruff, serious kind of thing, I was like, ‘I’m going to do the opposite, I’m going to really go whispery. And I tried to do it for the first, like two weeks, and it just seemed absolutely atrocious, and they told me to stop doing it.”

Robert Pattinson’s approach to changing Batman’s voice also obeys that different conception of the character. This time the Bruce Wayne that we will see on the screen will be a more reclusive and low-profile man. A loner who also moves through the shadows just like his vigilante counterpart. This concept is in stark contrast to the billionaire, playboy wasteful, that we have known so far.

robert pattinson batman voice

That is why it made sense for Pattinson to conceive a voice that was somewhat the opposite of what has been done until him. moment. But it seems that changing the voice of Batman is an impossible mission. The actor also said that he later learned that Christian Bale attempted to do the exact same thing during his journey to crack the character in Batman starts. Something that, of course, did not work either.

The above leads us to think that perhaps there are certain traits and characteristics of a character that should be untouchable. In any case, with or without changes, there is no doubt that the configuration that director Matt Reeves has done for this new Batman looks spectacular.

batman obey the movie rules not to go of the fifties, and those dark detective plots. As if that were not enough, his main villain is inspired by the serial killer Zodiac. Which in turn has given the argument a tone ‘fincherian’ which seems very much in keeping with the world of the overcast Gotham City. As if that were not enough, the dark shades of jazz in the soundtrack by Michael Giacchino seems to be the icing on the cake.

The film will hit theaters on March 3, but in Mexico it will have an exclusive IMAX preview the day before. Are you ready to meet revenge?

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