Robert Pattinson to Star in Bong Joon Ho’s Next Movie


After having swept the previous Oscar ceremony, Korean director Bong Joon Ho has decided what his next project will be and that Robert Pattinson will be in it. Or at least that is what the first reports indicate, given that the actor is barely in the first preliminary talks to join the project.

Bong is in talks to acquire the rights to the original material. It is a novel that will be published during the first quarter of 2022 named Mickey7written by author Edward Ashton. Although said book has not yet reached store shelves, the Korean director has already been able to read the material and has started negotiations with Warner to be able to write and direct the adaptation.

He also has Robert Pattinson in his sights to become the leading man of the film. It would be the first project that the actor is involved in, after his participation in the mega production batman, also sponsored by the Bugs Bunny studio.

The story of the novel follows a science fiction drama about a disposable man who becomes aware of his existence. According to the world created by Ashton, there are expendables in the world, a race of men created to be sent on colonizing missions to other planets. As such quests may not bear fruit, these creations may be prone to dying in the attempt.

The protagonist of the story is Mickey7, so called because it is the seventh version of his existence, who is sent on one of these missions. Although memories are erased and reset with each new life, Mickey7 will learn the truth and contemplate the meaning of his existence, with the intention of perhaps changing it for good and doing something about it.

according to sources dead lineFor those who know Bong Joon Ho’s operations as a director, it is likely that the plot of the book will be changed to suit his intentions for the film. In this sense, it could be said that we still do not know exactly what the film will be about and what we can expect.

The director has already made science fiction projects in dystopian and futuristic worlds. His adaptation of the express of fear, explores an apocalyptic world where, as a result of global warming, the Earth has entered an inclement ice age. On board a train some humans survive, but located in different sections according to their social class.

Bong Joon Ho won the Oscar for Best Director for his film Parasite, which also took home the award in the premier category. It became a historical feat, because it was one of the few foreign films and not spoken in English that manages to win the grand prize.

On the other hand, Robert Pattinson has characterized his career in recent years by working with renowned directors. From David Cronenberg, the Safdie brothers, Christopher Nolan or Robert Eggers. The exception to the rule will be batman, which will hit the billboards next March. You can see the most recent trailer here.

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