Robert Pattinson Reveals The Batman Ending Teases A Sequel


The new bat movie has not yet hit theaters and many are already quite excited about what they expect to see on the screen. The return of the hooded man is loaded with the Robert Pattinson factor and by the command of a filmmaker who has shown to date an impeccable handling of the seventh art in various projects. Therefore, it would not be unusual to suppose that a project such as batman have a sequel on the way, given the level of confidence that both studio and fans have shown so far.

Since it was announced that Matt Reeves, a man who was responsible for bringing the world of Planet of the Apeswould be responsible for the new version of the Gotham City vigilante, all moviegoers and Batman fans were automatically excited.

To tell the truth, due to the advances seen so far, the panorama looks excellent, so there are many who wonder if batman It is intended to continue the legacy of Hollywood ways with endless samples of sequels and Robert Pattinson has an answer for all of them.

The actor He suggested in an interview that the end of the long-awaited film, includes a small hint that perhaps the story can continue. Although he didn’t reveal any further details, what he did make clear is that this little hint will hit viewers in a very unexpected way.

“I mean, they always have that little snippet at the end, which is like, ‘…keep going!’ But other than that, she feels strangely personal. I think people will be quite surprised at how different it is. When I first saw it, even from the first take, it feels incredibly different in tonality from the other movies. It’s so weird, and it’s sad, and quite moving. It’s a very, very unusual Batman story, and I almost find it hard to imagine it being a series afterwards.”

Although Pattinson’s words seem to suggest that this advance may not mean a sequel, the whole thing is very enigmatic. We can hardly think that Warner has discarded the idea of ​​leaving aside an exclusive universe focused on his new version of Batman when they have even been announced. spin offs in the form of television series for HBO Max.

If we remember the character of the Penguin is already set to expand his story in a television series with Colin Farrell in the lead. plus another Show focused on the Gotham City Police Department is in development with an eye to premiering on HBO Max.

All these factors open the possibility that batman Get a direct sequel with more Dark Knight adventures and an enviable cast. The film will star Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, Jeffrey Wright, and many more.

It will be released in theaters on March 4. You can find out the latest news about the film here.

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