Robert Eggers is not happy with The Witch: “I can’t stand to watch it”


Director Robert Eggers, who days ago presented north man to the world, still suffers from a thorn called The witch… Yes, that’s right, that film applauded by moviegoers and horror fans, delighted with its unusual treatment —outside any convention— and its thematic richness. But as much as people love it, the sad reality is that the thirtysomething filmmaker is not satisfied with that period film.

In a recent interview with GuardianRobert Eggers confessed that with north man —barely the third feature film in his filmography as a director— he finally found a way to make a film. Of course his fans would never consider his previous titles, The lighthouse Y The witch, as a kind of failed experiments. But when it comes to his feature debut, Eggers says the result fell short of what he envisioned in his head.

«I honestly can’t bear to see The witch now“said the director. “It’s not that it’s bad. The performances are great, but I was not skilled enough as a filmmaker to bring to the screen what was in my brain. In The lighthouse, I was able to do that. Y north man, I am proud of the film, but not everything is what I expected it to be. So I’d like to do something with the scope and scale that really allows me to bring what’s in my imagination to the screen.”

If he listened to him, surely the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón would debate the position of Robert Eggers regarding The witch. In previous statements compiled by The New Yorker (via), the director of Rome Y Gravity he spoke of Eggers’s cinema as an immersive and intoxicating experience. He was even able to revise an early script for The witch almost ten years ago, and since then he knew he was dealing with an emerging filmmaker with fresh and fascinating proposals.

“I was amazed,” Cuarón said. «I was, more than anything, curious. It is as if those elements [mágicos] They were as natural as the weather. And people coexist with those elements as a matter of existence. [En La bruja] there is no doubt about the existence of witches. There is no further explanation. They were just witches.”

The witch, Anya Taylor-Joy’s great debut on film, recounts the hardships of a 17th-century New England family plagued by witchcraft, black magic and demonic stalking. The film became a tremendous box office success, recovering ten times its budget globally. Boasts 90% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Actually, as an independent film, The witch had an investment of $4 million dollars. And it turns out to be an amount of money closer to what Eggers foresees for his next project, after dealing with the lofty amount of $60 million to raise north manthe story of a Viking prince with a thirst for revenge.

“I certainly want to do something smaller next, and not just because of the pressure and pain, which is super real, but also because I learned a lot from it. north manEggers told Guardian. “It was actually a movie too big for my pants. And I finally feel like now I know how to make a movie.”

north man It is currently exhibited in Mexican theaters. Come in here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE.

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