Ridley Scott confirms Alien and Blade Runner TV series


Ridley Scott is currently immersed in promoting his latest film, House of gucci, which will premiere in theaters of our country during the next few days. This does not prevent journalists from continuing their work by asking questions about the director’s classics and the potential projects that could emerge from them. This is how the filmmaker confirmed that the series of Blade runner and Alien they are a reality that is brewing fiercely, and even the pilots of both have already been written.

According to the director, the initial circulation is to make series of a maximum length of 10 episodes, which will delve into the stories already known. Scott has saying that the pile scripts of both series have already been written, configured with a planning that will continue with the extension of a limited series, or as it is commonly called, mini series.

“We’ve already written the pilot episode for Blade Runner and its bible,” Scott said. “So we will present Blade Runner as a television show, the first 10 hours”

It is not yet known if this series will be a reboot of the original story that Harrison Ford starred in, or if on the contrary it will be a kind of sequel that obeys the narrative presented by Blade Runner 2049, which was successfully directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Regarding the series of Alien, the filmmaker confirmed that he will receive similar treatment. The pilot has already been designed and the subsequent plan consists of a series of approximately eight to ten hours. This series had already been confirmed since last year and it was clear that it would be a project that will be broadcast via FX.

John Landgraf, FX’s boss, described the series as the first xenoform horror story set directly on Earth, rather than in the silent depths of space, as we’ve been used to throughout the saga.

«By combining the timeless horror of the first AlienWith the uninterrupted action of the second installment, we will achieve an exciting journey that will force viewers to cling to the armchairs of their house, “said Landgraf about a series that will be commanded by Noah Hawley.

For his part, Ridley Scott has a film project called Kitbag, which is a highly anticipated biopic about Napoleon Bonaparte, starring Joaquin Phoenix. Later, it is likely that the director will finally take his hands on the long-awaited sequel to Gladiator. Although, Scott has previously confessed that he is more than ready to start filming it. You can read more about that here.

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