Richard Madden reveals how he was reunited with Kit Harington at Eternals


It took a decade for the actors Richard Madden and Kit harington step on the same film set again. The last time they starred in a scene together was at the beginning of the acclaimed series game of Thrones (2011-2019). Now, their paths cross again thanks to Eternals, the most recent film of the MCU where Madden plays Ikaris – a millennial superhero – and Harington gives life to the human Dane Whitman, who in the comics assumes the nickname of Black Knight.

In an interview with Screen rant, Richard Madden commented on what it felt like to reunite with Kit Harington on a film set, after ten years. Their respective characters from game of Thrones, Robb Stark and Jon Snow, only shared a frame in the very first season of the epic series, since the tragic course of history prevented these half brothers from eventually meeting again.

With the HBO show over, now Madden and Harington grant the reunion that their followers always wanted, but through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and without both being very aware of how much the fans yearned for it. “I think we forgot”Madden pointed out, as both Kit Harington and Gemma Chan (Sersi in Eternals) have been friends of hers for years. Therefore it was nothing new to be in the same room with them, although it certainly became a great revelation that the bond between the three became professional as well as friendly.

“Kit and I have been friends for a long time, and Gemma too,” added the Ikaris interpreter. «We would go out and also have dinner [juntos] when we were filming, so all of a sudden the three of us were standing on the street chatting and thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re at work! The three of us are not just being friends here. ‘ That’s what puzzled us a bit, rather than anything related to game of Thrones. It’s just that I was there with my friends at work.

During the premiere of Eternals In Los Angeles earlier this week, Kit Harington was also faced with the question of what the reunion with Richard Madden was like. In response, the Londoner described it as “special”, although it was really little material that they shot together. What stands out the most, like his colleague, is the long friendship that they both boast.

“Working together on this was very special. We don’t get much [trabajo juntos] on game of Thrones. We didn’t have much in this [Eternals]. So if you add the time we share on the screen, it is very little. But if you add our time as friends, it is much more, “he said on the red carpet (via).

Eternals, under the direction of Chloé Zhao, will hit Mexican theaters next November 4. Come on here to see the first reactions comparing it to DCEU tapes and celebrating its director’s hallmark.

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