Rian Johnson almost appeared in Scream to the chagrin of Star Wars fans


One of the most successful elements of the recent installment of scream It is that self-conscious look at the product and the criticism made towards the toxic fans of the biggest franchises in cinema. Within that framework, no example is as perfect as the narrative that lived the last jedi, the eighth installment of starwars. That was the greatest demonstration of how groups of fans can boycott a product that dares to dismantle the rules and play with the established canon, to the point of altering the traced destiny of a saga until it leads to disaster. Of course, in the new scream Reference is made to it and even to director Rian Johnson, however, the creatives behind the film had something even better planned.

According to Variety, the writers behind the new scream they wanted to have Rian Johnson himself, the infamous director of the 8th episode of starwars. Within the tape he is mentioned in a veiled way as “the guy who directed Between Knives and Secrets» and that right now «is immersed in the production of the sequel». All this is actually a fact of real life.

“We approach [a él] and we wanted to do a fake ‘ET’/’Extra’ press conference with him,” writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick explained. «I was doing ‘Between knives and secrets 2’. So he had a bigger fish to fry than our ‘Scream’ sequel.”

One of the characters of scream carries out a complex speech in which he explains how fans are dismissed by the creators and ignored when setting up a new “requel” of their favorite saga. The term “requel” is explained as something less than a sequel, but more than just a prequel. Stories that continue the legacy, sometimes with appearances by the original characters, but focused on new characters with their own narratives that will form a new path for the saga.

The example of a “requel” is undoubtedly the last trilogy of starwars, which ended on bad terms with critics and audiences after the fans’ collective rejection of Johnson’s eighth episode. In the end, the filmmaker could not appear on the tape to become another victim of Ghostface, but the intention is appreciated.

“We tell ourselves, ‘We’re literally fans making a fan movie about a film franchise we love,’” said co-director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin. “This is as much about us as it is about anyone else. It’s not just about that niche culture, or fandom, or whatever. Being movie fans is why we’re making movies. It is also something personal for us.”

scream It premiered on January 13 to mostly favorable reviews. It is currently in theaters. You can read the review of Cinema PREMIERE here.

Rian Johnson’s entry almost appeared in Scream much to the chagrin of Star Wars fans it was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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