Razzie Awards: Founders Regret Nominating Shelley Duvall for Worst Actress


What can we expect from awards like the Razzie Awards whose approach is to project itself as a parodic antithesis of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? Exactly, no seriousness and rigor but, yes, a lot of curiosity and fun. Perhaps nothing to be taken seriously. However, the founders of those unusual ceremonies have reflected on the negative impact of the award for the worst in cinema and their regret for having nominated Shelley Duvall as Worst Actress for her work in The glow (1980).

In 1981, the inaugural year of the Razzie Awards, The Shiningr earned 2 Worst of the Year Award nominations: Stanley Kubrick was nominated for Worst Director and Shelley Duvall She was nominated for Worst Actress. 42 years later, these nominations are prone to discussion and especially Duvall’s if we remember the physical and mental torture to which she was subjected by Kubrick since filming began. Such a testimony has already echoed in those responsible for the ceremony…

In an interview with vulture, John JB WilsonandMaureen Murphy, founders of the Razzie Awards, were asked about some of the most controversial nominations for the Razzie Awards. Of course it came out The glow and the way Kubrick gave Shelley Duvall a real mental breakdown due to his abusive working methods.

“Knowing the background and the way Stanley Kubrick pulverized it, I would retract that [la nominación a Peor actriz] We’re willing to say, ‘Yeah, maybe she shouldn’t have been nominated.’ Everybody makes mistakes. That is being human»Maureen Murphy declared ruefully.

Shelley Duvall Worst Actress The Shining

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But that was not all. Despite their repentance towards the American actress, both creators declared the reasons why they nominated The glow. And it is that like Stephen King, they considered Stanley Kubrick’s film as a very bad adaptation of his literary work:

“Some of us who had read Stephen King’s novel went to see The glow the night it opened and we didn’t care what Kubrick had done with the novel. The novel was visually much more amazing, much more terrifying, much more compelling, and we couldn’t understand why you would buy a novel that had all these visual opportunities and then you didn’t do the topiary, you didn’t do the snakes on the rug, you didn’t do the visions of the kids. If you’re going to say it’s The glowyou have to have certain key things that weren’t there.”

What they did not regret was the nomination they awarded Stanley Kubrick as Worst Director at the Razzie Awards and, in addition, they highlighted the lack of admiration they feel for the late director:

“I think that guy is overrated. He made a good movie and that was it ».

To the defense of Shelley Duvall since 2020

In 2020, John JB Wilson published a open letter to apologize to Shelley Duvall and charge at Stanley Kubrick:

In Duvall’s defense, we later learned that Kubrick apparently drove her to the brink of insanity due to his abusive behavior. Subsequently, he was labeled a genius (by some) and she a madwoman. We suspect that he harassed her to make her chicken out of her and, in hindsight, we’d like to put the blame solely on him,” she wrote.

In fact, neither Kubrick nor Duvall took home the Razzie Award. Either way, the Texan actress boasts an award at the Cannes Film Festival for Best Actress and a BAFTA Award nomination for her work in 3 women (1977). She also highlights her Peabody Award and two Emmy Award nominations.

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