Power Rangers series will have its first LGBTQ + character


As part of its first season, the portal ComicBook announced that the series Power Rangers Dino Fury will introduce its first LGBTQ + character. Is about Izzy Garcia, the green Power Ranger, played by the actress Tessa rao.

Although there are few details of the next episodes, netizens have been responsible for revealing some spoilers (stop reading if you want to avoid them), where it is anticipated that in a scene Izzy takes the hand of Fern, played by Jacqueline joe, and together they walk happily holding hands, which would confirm their sentimental relationship.

Izzy Ranger green Dino Fury

«One of the best moments in the history of the power Rangers«.

If we take a look at the portal IMDb we will find the full episode list of Power Rangers Dino Fury. Within that list of chapters, actress Jacqueline Joe appears in three of these: Winning Attitude, Super hotshot and The Matchmaker (chapter 13). The latter is the one that gives us clues about the description set forth above and whose transmission is dated October 16, 2021:

“Javi believes that Izzy is in love with a friend and plans a date, but his assumptions cause big problems when monsters detect love in the air,” says the synopsis.

In fact, Simon Bennett, executive producer of Power Ranger Dino Fury, was excited about the premiere of episode number 13 and said he was ready to open the conversation about it:

«Very happy with the reaction to episode 13 of Power Rangers Dino Fury, which has just aired in France. I’m looking forward to it being available in the US and being able to engage in conversation, ”he wrote.

The revelation has caused tipping points among the internet community; thus one user pointed out that it is only about marketing. However, Simon Bennett responded to the post on Twitter to deny such statements, but admitted that they had been slow to take that step of inclusion:

“Regrettably, Dino fury He’s doing some shit that could have been done for years. Honestly sad to see it in my opinion. This should not be just a tactic of marketing. I hate Hasbro. Homosexuals deserve better, “wrote the netizen. «I assure you it was not a tactic of marketing. And yes, we are late, “replied the producer.

LGBTQ + representation in the saga of the power Rangers

Although Tessa rao brings to life the first LGBTQ + character in the series power Rangers, it will be necessary to remember that power Rangers (2017), by Dean Israelite, featured the first LGBTQ + ranger: Trini Kwan, the yellow Power Ranger, played by Becky G.

Power Rangers LGBTQ + characters
Trini Kwan in power Rangers (2017)

“For Trini, she’s really wondering a lot about who she is.” “She doesn’t quite know yet. I think what will be great about that scene is what it generates for the rest of the movie. ‘That’s fine’ is what the movie says. ‘That’s okay,’ and all the kids will have to find who they are, and find their tribe, “director Dean Israelite told THR.

The scene is question involves one of the characters, who asks Trini if ​​she is having “boyfriend problems”, but when she denies it, the character changes the question to “girlfriend problems”.

The Power Rangers series entry will have its first LGBTQ + character was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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