Pig’s director to make next A Silent Place movie


In the fall of 2020, Paramount Pictures announced a spin-off film of A place in silence, which would be directed by Jeff Nichols (Loving). However, a year after Nichols chose to resign and left the project in complete uncertainty for months. But recent reports indicate that whoever comes as a relief it is Michael Sarnoski, a filmmaker who just in 2021 presented Pig, his acclaimed debut feature.

Although its premiere in Mexico is still pending, Pig It made its world debut in July of last year, starring Nicolas Cage. It tells the story of a sullen truffle hunter whose sow is kidnapped and consequently he will do the unthinkable in order to get her back. The film, described as a mixture of thriller and drama, has earned critical acclaim – a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – for its direction, themes and performances. Even Cage received a nomination for Best Actor at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards.

The mind behind Pig He was the director and screenwriter Michael Sarnoski, who made it his very first feature film. But it seems that Paramount Pictures does not require further evidence and full confidence in his film vein. This week, Deadline reported that the distributor is currently negotiating with Sarnoski his participation in the next film of A place in silence, the hit horror franchise with Emily Blunt.

However, it should be emphasized that the project in question will not be the third installment of the main saga, which until now has been directed by John Krasinski. Rather, it would be a kind of spin-off that would allow Paramount to build its own film universe, around those alien monsters that stalk humans in a post-apocalyptic world, where any sound can be fatal.

At the moment, there are no further details on the film entrusted to Michael Sarnoski. And while nothing is ruled out, it is unlikely that Blunt and Krasinski – in the role of Evelyn and Lee Abbott – are part of the cast.

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The first movie of A place in silence hit theaters in 2018 and became a colossal box office success. It raised $ 340.9 million over its $ 17 million budget. Its sequel debuted commercially in 2021 after the COVID-19 delays.

In the middle of last year, John Krasinski said he already has ideas for a possible third installment. On the other hand, it was emphatic that nothing is yet confirmed.

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