Phone number removed from Squid Game, after wave of calls


Currently the most popular content on Netflix, it’s no surprise that die-hard fans want to explore every aspect of the series. There are viewers who may check behind the scenes. Others will probably start following cast members on social media and there will be plenty of people who want to know the filmography of their director, the South Korean Hwang Dong-hyuk. On the other hand, there were those who chose to dial ad nauseam a certain telephone number that appears in The Squid Game. And the red “N” has decided to take action.

In the acclaimed survival series, more than four hundred people – from low social status or with serious financial problems – are invited to an enigmatic competition where the jackpot is billions of South Korean won. If they accept, the interested parties must dial a certain telephone number, which appears on a business card that The Squid Game exhibits on a recurring basis. And surprisingly, that specific number transcends the realms of fiction.

Since its premiere in late September, several fans of the show have dialed the phone in question, perhaps wanting to raffle off some slaps with the actor Gong Yoo. But what they discovered was that, although that number does exist in reality, it corresponds to a person who has no connection with the Netflix production.

Without going into details about the identity of the owner, recent reports claim that this person has been the victim of countless prank calls. She also stated that there is not a day that someone does not send her (at least) a text message regarding the program.

«Since the issuance of The Squid Game, I have been receiving calls and text messages incessantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the point that it is difficult for me to continue with daily life, “he said in a recent media demonstration (via).

And he added:

“This is a number that I have been using for over 10 years, so I am quite taken aback. There are over 4,000 numbers that I have had to remove from my phone. There comes a point where, because people try to contact me senselessly day and night due to their curiosity, my phone’s battery drains and shuts down.

They well say that desperate affairs require extreme measures. It so happens that Netflix came to the rescue and decided to edit all the scenes of the series where that number of discord appears, as confirmed EW. As a curious fact, those responsible for The Squid Game they would have taken care that the numerical sequence used in fiction did not work in the real world. However, it seems that they did not take into account all the variables and it turned out that it works perfectly. Although, again, on the other end of the line, someone who invites you to play “Red Light, Green Light” will never respond.

The new episodes of The Squid Game are available through Netflix Latin America.

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