People at Pixar accuse Disney of censoring openly gay content


In a letter signed by LGBT female and male employees of Pixarit was reported that parent company The Walt Disney Company routinely censors openly gay content from its animated films.

The letter emerged this week, within the framework of a controversial bill in Florida, which, if approved, would mean a setback in the recognition of sexual diversity. Days before, the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, chose to meet with LGBT leaders in the company to discuss their concerns. And in that conversation, the manager would reveal in a subsequent statement, “a common theme was the disappointment that the company had not issued a public statement condemning the legislation” (via Variety).

Through the same statement, Chapek provided justifications for Disney‘s silence and even proposed measures that he considered adequate to really generate “lasting change” in society. However, it was at this point that the Pixar team perceived a certain hypocrisy and lack of will on the part of the House of Mouse.

Out (2020)

One of Bob Chapek’s proposals was that Disney—through all of its divisions and subsidiaries—continue to create “inspirational content” for the LGBT community. However, in the response issued by people from Pixar, it was argued that the Mouse House itself has demanded to censor much of the “openly gay” narratives that the animation studio has devised for its films.

“At Pixar we have witnessed beautiful stories, filled with diverse characters. [Sin embargo, estas historias] they return from Disney corporate reviews reduced to crumbs of what they once were«, reads the letter (via Variety). «Nearly every moment of openly gay affection is cut at Disney’s behestregardless of whether there are protests from both Pixar’s creative teams and executive leadership.”

Regarding a manifestation of sexual diversity in Pixar titles, only two productions of 2020 are remembered: the film joinedwhere one of its secondary characters expresses his homosexuality very casually, and the short film Outwhere a man has yet to come clean with his parents and come out of the closet.

“Even if creating LGBTQIA+ content was the answer to fixing discriminatory legislation around the world, we are prohibited from creating it. Beyond the ‘inspirational content’ that we are not even allowed to create, we require action«.

The actions that Pixar urgently demands, in this specific case, are to stop the bill called “Don’t Say Gay” (“Don’t say gay”), which this week received the green light from the Florida Senate. If approved by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, the new law would implement that the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity is prohibited at basic education levels (via CNN).

To top it off, last month it was reported that Disney donated money to all of the “Don’t Say Gay” supporters and promoters (via). Consequently, Pixar’s letter also requests that the House of Mouse withdraw this financial support immediately, “in order to publicly denounce this legislation and repair its financial participation.”

The same letter also accuses Disney of never having been a selfless ally of LGBT people. He explained that the conglomerate has a history of shutting down Gay Pride events at its theme parks. Not forgetting that he capitalized on the colors of the community, beginning with The Rainbow Mickey Collection official merchandise in 2018.

“It feels terrible to be part of a company that makes money off of Pride merchandise and chooses to ‘step back’ in times of greatest need, when our rights are at risk,” the text states.

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Net (2022)

Produced by Pixar, this Friday premieres the tape Net through the Disney Plus platform; a release that was originally going to be theatrical. However, Disney chose to send it to their servers video on demand, which led to disagreement on the part of several Pixar employees. Will the friction between the two brands continue?

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