Pedro Almodóvar will direct western with Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal

The Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar will bring together two of the most recognized actors of the moment, Ethan Hawke Y Peter Pascal, for his next film project. It will be a short film completely spoken in English, following the same line as its previous production: the human voice with Tilda Swinton. Only this time, the director will venture into the western genre.

the human voice (2020)

According to the report of IndieWirethis upcoming thirty-minute film will be named Strange Way of Life (either strange way of life). Such a title comes from the song “Strange way of life” the Portuguese singer Amália Rodrigues; a melody that will also sound in the opening sequence of the short film. “Those songs [del fado portugués] They are all very sad, ”said the septuagenarian director to the media. “And that’s how these two main characters live [de Strange Way of Life]».

In Pedro Almodóvar‘s upcoming western, Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal will respectively play a bailiff named Jake and a gunfighter named Silva. Omitting major details, the filmmaker revealed that they are characters that live on opposite sides of the desert. Therefore, they have not seen each other in 25 years. But then the day comes when one of them decides to visit the other, which will lead to a confrontation. However, deep down, the story is presented as an exploration of intimacy and masculinity.

Almodóvar commented to IndieWire that Strange Way of Life could be “answer” to Secret in the mountain, a 2005 film that he came close to directing, but declined in the face of Hollywood not giving him enough creative freedom. The Oscar-nominated film finally boasted Ang Lee in the directing chair.

The future short film by the Manchego director plans to start filming in August of this year. Among its locations is the desert area of ​​the Almería province in Spain. Scenes from the emblematic sixties western were also filmed there. the good, the bad and the ugly by Sergio Leone.

Strange Way of Life also boasts Anthony Vacarellocreative director of the Saint Laurent brand, as an associate producer and costume designer.

Pedro Almodóvar comes from directing the feature film parallel mothersdeserving of two 2022 Academy Award nominations.

For his part, Ethan Hawke plays the chilling antagonist of the black phone, a horror film that only premiered in Mexican theaters. And we will see Pedro Pascal soon as the star of the series The Last of Us HBO, and the third season of The Mandalorianfrom Disney Plus.

The entry Pedro Almodóvar will direct a western with Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal was first published in Cine PREMIERE.

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