Peacemaker: Half-naked John Cena dancing was the first thing filmed


The musical selection for James Gunn titles is usually a delight. It is to the point that superheroes and supervillains can feel like Kevin Bacon in footloose and bring out their talents as a dancer. It happened, of course, at various moments of Guardians of the Galaxy and in a bar scene from the suicide squad. And more recently, the series peacemaker offered a particularly memorable dance sequence, featuring a charming, uninhibited, half-naked John Cena.

The DC Extended Universe spin-off show premiered on HBO Max this week. There are three episodes (out of a total of eight) that are currently available from the streaming platform. streaming. And for now, they’re certainly enough to give viewers something to talk about.

We see John Cena again in the shoes of Peacemaker, a skilled combatant – although not the most brilliant – who aspires to be considered a hero, despite the fact that his actions are actually those of a malevolent strongman. Just remember the arc of the character in the suicide squad to know that he is not someone for whom we easily empathize. Consequently, you will have to work hard to win the appreciation of your colleagues, and the public itself.

Without delving into major spoilers, the first chapter of the series shows Peacemaker’s reunion with his crude and racist father (played by Robert Patrick) in a family moment that gives an unusual depth to the protagonist. To that we add the touching relationship with Eagly, his pet eagle and companion of adventures. But also, we have that hilarious sequence where the violent pacifist (only dressed in shorts) dances passionately while listening “I Don’t Love You Anymore” by The Quireboys.

According to James Gunn, writer and director of peacemaker, that scene would have been the first thing to be filmed during filming. And thanks to her, he confirmed how perfect John Cena was for the role.

«I think we filmed John Cena dancing in his underwear on the first day of shooting«, the filmmaker said on Twitter. «And I was like, ‘My God, I made a great choice of actor to put my faith in! [Cena] came in and destroyed it, completely vulnerable and brave«.

Of course, the dance and the festive atmosphere are witnessed from the opening credits of peacemaker, where the entire cast moves to the rhythm of “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” by Wig Wam. Could it be a better introduction than Guardians of the Galaxy, with Star-Lord putting a seventies flavor to the MCU? What do you think?

The next five episodes of the series will premiere weekly, every Thursday on HBO Max.

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