Peacemaker confirms Green Arrow in DCEU and Stephen Amell responds


Last week, the hit HBO Max show — starring John Cena — wrapped up its first season without cutting back on the insults. Throughout eight episodes, the title character of peacemaker launched a series of unfavorable comments on the air against superheroes such as Batman, Aquaman and Green Arrow. In fact, the latter could have been spared were it not for the eighth episode. There his name comes up as Peacemaker and company devise a definitive battle plan.

Without going into details, the heroes of peacemaker they lie in a wooded area, brainstorming how to place a device on a barn roof several feet away. John Cena‘s character proposes throwing a fishing line and sliding the device from point A to point B. “Like Green Arrow,” then asks Vigilante (Freddie Stroma), which annoys his partner. And of course, a scathing comment on the famous archer.

“No, not like Green Arrow. That guy goes to Brony Conventions dressed as Twilight Sparkle with a 4-inch-wide anus in the costume,” Peacemaker replies in the same scene.

Curiously, that was the first allusion made to Green Arrow in the DCEU, which confirms —jokingly and irreverently— its existence within this cinematographic universe. On the other hand, said arrow shooter still has his film debut pending. live action. In terms of the audiovisual field, he is most remembered for his appearance in the series Smallvillewhere he became a regular character from season eight, or obviously for his solo show Arrow (2012-2020) from The CW.

In that second show —fundamental axis of the other series belonging to the “Arrowverse”— the character of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow (or Green Arrow), was played by the Canadian Stephen Amell. And some time ago, this same actor expressed interest in bringing the emerald archer to life on film, as part of the DC Extended Universe. Unfortunately, his wishes have not been heard, and to top it off, the loudmouth Peacemaker is making a fool of his character. But the histrion has an equally incisive response.

Through Twitter, a user stated that he would love to hear Stephen Amell’s opinion on the clumsy peacemaker’s words. And in fact he labeled the protagonist of Arrowwho in addition to retweetacknowledged that he has not seen any episode of peacemakerbecause it is found “too busy showing off [John] Dinner how professional wrestling should really be seen on television ».

Amell plays a wrestler in the drama series heels, just released by the Starz network in 2021. Knowing this background, his previous answer makes sense and one understands how daring it is to be directed at a real ex-wrestler like John Cena. Will there be a reaction on the part of the actor of peacemaker?

The first season of peacemaker is currently available on HBO Max Latin America. A second installment was confirmed by director James Gunn last week. excited?

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