Paul Thomas Anderson doesn’t think superheroes ruin movies


Director Paul Thomas Anderson, responsible for great cinematographic gems such as Magnolia Y Bloody oil, he does not view superhero movies with repudiation. While other veteran colleagues by profession have spoken unfavorably about the cloaked vigilante tapes – not long ago, Ridley scott He called them “fucking boring” – Anderson reserves a place for them in his heart. While acknowledging that there is currently an “overabundance” of those blockbusters, the Californian director rules out that they are the greatest of evils.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Paul Thomas Anderson reflected on the state of the industry in Hollywood, he being a director who (to date) has not lent himself to multi-million dollar franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“It warms my heart to tell you that I feel happier than ever working in this business,” he confessed. “I have my own corner of the litter box and I’m working with people that I really admire, like at MGM. I am incredibly happy right now. But that’s me. There is no end to the kind of daunting questions that always surround movies and what’s going to happen. “

The Oscar nominee is fully aware that filmmaking has become more complex in the face of factors such as film platforms. streaming and superhero movies. But that is not why he would dare to say that the Avengers or the Justice League spell ruin for the seventh art.

“There seems to be a bit of concern about superhero movies. I like. It seems to be a popular thing these days to wonder if [el género de superhéroes] It has ruined movies and all these kinds of things. I just don’t feel that way«.

And I add:

I mean, look, we all get nervous about people going back to the movies, but do you know what will make them go back to movie theaters? Spider-man. Let’s be happy about it«.

Indeed, the coming Spider-Man: No Way Home is shaping up to become the highest grossing film since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This third installment in the Spider-Man saga – one that is supposed to introduce the “Spider-verse” at the MCU— will hit Mexican theaters on December 15th.

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Licorice Pizza

Ten days later, on December 25, Paul Thomas Anderson will premiere commercially Licorice Pizza in theaters in the United States. This feature film consists of a coming-of-age set in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, in the early 70’s.

This same week, the Hollywood Foreign Press announced that Licorice Pizza it had been nominated for four Golden Globes, including Best Comedy or Musical. Come on here to read the full list.

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