Patty Jenkins Star Wars movie delayed indefinitely


During Disney Investor Day 2020, one of the great surprises was discovering that Patty Jenkins would command a new universe movie Star wars which would perhaps become the spin-off most ambitious of the franchise. Although pre-production on the film was said to begin in late 2021, with a possible start of filming for the first months of 2022, now LucasFilms has removed the film from its schedule, confirming that the project has been delayed indefinitely.

The film in question is named after Rogue squadron and it would tell the adventures of a rebel pilot in some galaxy far far away. Jenkins has been developing the project with screenwriter Matthew Robinson for all the months since the project was announced. However, it seems that problems on the director’s schedule and pressing occupations of several of the producers have caused the delay.

According to the medium The Hollywood Reporter, it is expected that once Jenkins concludes with his other commitments, he will return without hesitation to the film. These occupations include the third installment of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot at the helm and a new cast to be confirmed; and the biopic about Cleopatra which will also star the same actress.

For Patty Jenkins this new spin-off from Star wars it was very important because of the personal closeness that the filmmaker has with the story. During the announcement of the project, the director explained that her father was a war pilot who lost his life in the service of his country. For this reason, throughout his career he had searched for the correct story that would pay tribute to his father’s craft and now with LucasFilms and Disney he could create the “best fighter pilot movie ever.”

Top Gun: Maverick It is still looming as its competition in that mission, but it is another film delayed to infinity because of the pandemic. Tom Cruise‘s film currently has a scheduled release on May 27, 2022, while Rogue squadron It will officially be seen until December 22, 2023, although it is very likely that that date will be modified.

Either way Disney and LucasFilms have a lot of content on Star wars in line as if to attenuate the wait. Only at the end of December is the series expected to premiere Boba Fett’s book, which in turn is a kind of spin-off from The Mandalorian, which is yet to return with a second season. In addition, the Asoka series and the highly anticipated series are also in development. Obi-Wan.

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