Patrick Wilson will direct Insidious 5 and will begin filming this year


In contemporary cinema there are factors that will never cease to be successful: sequels and the horror genre. Probably for that reason the saga insidious He has not stopped composing new adventures and number 5 has been confirmed with the presence of Patrick Wilson. The surprise on this occasion is that the actor will not only serve as the cast, but he will also be the one who occupies the director’s chair.

so what advancement himself while talking to the press about his new movie moon fall. In that one, the actor is a run-down astronaut who is suddenly the last resort the world has to save humanity. In insidious, however, Patrick Wilson is just a family man who carries a supernatural problem since childhood. A problem that spreads to his wife and children like a disease.

The original film was directed by James Wan, considered a modern master of horror cinema. But its countless sequels have passed through various hands, all of them supervised of course by the also director of The spell. Wilson comments that for years they had told him the idea that he would take risks in the direction, but somehow or other such a thing did not happen, until now.

“It’s something I’m very passionate about, and there hasn’t been a day since the idea was pitched to me that I haven’t been fully involved,” Wilson said. “It’s been a lot of work on the part of Scott Teems, the writer and myself. And Leigh Whannell has obviously helped a lot, and of course Blumhouse is a great partner. I’ve done a lot of things with them, so I couldn’t be happier to have my first experience with a group of very helpful and comfortable people who, for some reason, trust me. So we’ll see.”

Insidious 5 It was announced months ago, when the pandemic was still at its peak. It is not that the health crisis has subsided or ended, but when the project was confirmed there were still many problems in the industry. Now, it seems everything is ready for filming. The tape in question is planned to hit theaters during October of this year, so both the studio and the director should get to work as soon as possible.

the saga insidious tells the story of a family harassed by a demonic entity. The past of the family patriarch hides a supernatural event in childhood, which seems to have haunted him throughout his life. The following installments have focused on telling various aspects of the diabolical curse. From past stories, sequels, and side stories that have helped us understand the big picture.

Supposedly Insidious 5 It will be a direct sequel to the second installment, so we can expect many more family adventures and the return of some stars. We will not confirm it until the film is released during the next October.

Meanwhile, Patrick Wilson is currently in theaters, thanks to his collaboration with Roland Emmerich on moon fall. The sci-fi action film explores what would happen to Earth if the Moon were to come out of its orbit and circle dangerously towards us in an absolute collision course. The film premiered in Mexican theaters recently and you can read the review of Cinema PREMIERE here.

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