Ozark: Meet Javi Elizondro, the villain played by Alfonso Herrera


This Friday, January 21, will begin the end of Ozarks with the first part of its fourth and final season through Netflix. Since its debut in 2017, the series has become a hit in criticism and awards. One of the main attractions of the series starring Jason Bateman (Marty) and laura linney (Wendy) have been his antagonists as Jacob Snell or Omar Navarro. Season 4 is no exception and includes the Mexican actor in its ranks Alfonso Herrera (Exorcist; sense8), who plays Javi Elizondro, the main villain for this outcome.

What is it about Ozarks?

Released in 2017, Ozarks is a crime drama created by Bill Dubuque (The Accountant) Y Mark Williams (Honest Thief). With a cast led by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, the show follows the story of financial advisor Martin Byrde on his risky mission to build a massive money laundering operation for a Mexican drug cartel. With this purpose, he moves with his family to the Ozark Lakes region in Missouri, where he will have to deal with local criminals.

What happened in the third season?

Let’s do a recap: for the denouement of the third season of Ozarks we learn that Marty and Wendy Byrde were joining Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) on a trip to Mexico to attend the baptism of one of Omar Navarro’s children. After getting off the plane, Omar Navarro welcomes them, but he shoots and kills Helen, who, by the way, was preparing a plot against the protagonist marriage.

With Marty and Wendy in obvious state of shockOmar Navarro proceeds to hug them and express his happiness that soon they will be able to work together more closely. Which, of course, means that the Byrde couple will have to become deeply involved with Navarro’s inner circle, and that’s where his nephew Javi Elizondro comes into the picture.

Who is Javier Elizondro?

We already know that although the Byrde couple apparently have the issue of money laundering and drug trafficking under control, there will always, always be something that gets out of control and with it a new villain they will have to face. The portal ew defines the character of Alfonso Herrera as “a member of the Navarro family who walks a fine line between playing dutiful lieutenant and plotting to take over his uncle’s cartel”.

The Mexican actor defines his character not as a villain in the strict sense of the word, but as an obstacle between the protagonists, whose actions are quite unpredictable. For Alfonso Herrera it was very important not to fall into the common places that define drug lords in audiovisual products, but to give Javi Elizondro a new dimension through virtues, evil, and positive and negative aspects. In the end, an extremely intimidating character but, at the same time, extremely charming.

“Javier represents a new era of how business is being done right now,” Alfonso Herrera said of his “unpredictable” character in an exclusive interview with ew. “He comes from university, he understands business completely differently than his uncle, he doesn’t see his business as a family business, he wants to build and consolidate something bigger and broader.”

Alfonso Herrera and Jason Bateman series Ozark
Alfonso Herrera and Jason Bateman (Netflix)
Alfonso Herrera and Felix Solís (Netflix)

In addition to Alfonso Herrera, season 4 of Ozarks expands its distribution with the accessions of Bruce Davison (X Men), Katrina Lenk (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and the Mexican Bruno Bichiras recurring characters.

The fourth season of Ozarks It will be released in two segments of seven episodes each. The first segment premieres this Friday January 21st from 2022.


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