Osvaldo Benavides leaves the Good Doctor


Yes, San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital will be without Dr. Mateo Rendón. After the Mexican actor Osvaldo benavides will go from being a guest character in season four to a main character in season five of the series, he / she will leave The Good Doctor.

The portal TVLine has reported the unexpected departure of Osvaldo Benavides from the famous ABC medical drama starring Freddie Highmore. According to the media, both Sony Pictures Television and ABC are completely silent regarding the removal of the Mexican actor, after he was confirmed, during the month of June, as a regular character from season 5. (via Deadline).

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Osvaldo Benavides debut in The Good Doctor

In the last episodes of season 4, the team of surgeons travel to Guatemala to attend a low-income hospital. There they meet Dr. Mateo Rendón, a Mexican surgeon played by Osvaldo Benavides. After starting an affair with Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang), Rendón decides to try his luck in the United States (where he studied) and from the fifth season he would become the main character in the series.

Osvaldo Benavides The Good Doctor
Osvaldo Benavides as Mateo Rendón in the fourth season of The Good Doctor

In season 5 of The Good Doctor (released September 27), Dr. Mateo Rendón joined San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital as a love interest for Dr. Audrey Lim, who employed him as a surgical assistant, but on a trial basis. However, Rendón had to work under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Andrews (played by Hill Harper) due to past legal problems.

“In terms of his training, he is a fairly experienced doctor,” explained David Shore, creator of the series, about the character of Osvaldo Benavides (via TVLine). “But because of his past, because of his history, he’s going to have to learn to swallow his pride a bit.”

It is not the first time The Good Doctor it undergoes abrupt changes around the cast. For instance, Chuku modules (Dr. Jared Kalu) and Beau garrett (Jessica Preston) left the show at the end of the first season. The character of Tamlyn tomita (Allegra Aoki) said goodbye in the final stretch of the second season. Jasika nicole (Dr. Carly Lever) became a series regular in season three, but was cut before season four. As well as the output of Nicholas gonzalez (Dr. Neil Melendez), among others.

Let us remember that the Mexican actress Esmeralda Pimentel also had a special participation in The Good Doctor during the last episodes of the fourth season, as nurse Ana Morales.

Season 5 of The Good Doctor stays on the air with 4 episodes in a row.

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