Oscar: there will be a category voted by fans and Justice League is already running


There is always the eternal disagreement between fans and critics. And above all between what the academics select and what was really successful in movie theaters. For this reason, the Oscars of this 2022 will have a category voted by fans through Twitter, where they can apply for their favorite movie. This provides a golden opportunity to assert all those films that failed to complete the selection process. Hit movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home that broke all kinds of records and still did not reach the important categories.

The announcement was made known by The Academy today, February 14. From that date also all Moviegoers will be able to nominate their favorite movie on Twitter. To do it correctly and that the participation is valid, the hashtag must be used #OscarsFanFavorite. The films that can participate will only be those released during 2021. Each user will be able to tweet up to 20 times per day and the days that are necessary until next March 3, which is when the deadline closes.

In a press release, the vice president of The Academy, Maryl Johnson, mentioned that “the Oscars are an opportunity to unite people from all over the world through their shared love of cinema and, through these dynamics, the users of social networks around the world now have more opportunities to interact with the program in real time, find a community and be part of it.

In addition to this category of fan-favorite film at the Oscars, there will also be another call: #OscarsCheerMoment. This list will reward the favorite movie moment of the fans. It can be any particular scene, as long as it meets the mandate of belonging to a movie released during 2021.

For both categories you can also vote on your websitealthough only for residents of the United States.

What movies are running?

Of course, those great franchises of comics come to our minds above all. fans of the Justice League is Zack Snyder, they are determined to make amends for studio mistakes and Snyder’s dismissal from the DCEU. What better way to avenge him than by getting an Oscar for his 4-hour epic.

On Twitter the hashtag #RestoretheSnyderVerse is already accompanied by #OscarsFanFavorite. The mentions have been such that both the superhero movie and the Academy show are already a joint trend. Without a doubt, it is a task that the army of Snyder can achieve, just as they achieved the release of the discarded film.

However, some have suggested that Zack Snyder’s Justice League, you are not eligible to participate. One of the definitive rules of the Oscars is that the nominated films had to have at least one week of exhibition in theaters in Los Angeles. Many note that it is Warner’s fault for not releasing the film in theaters, despite repeated requests from fans to see it on an IMAX screen.

The Oscars have not commented on this rule and whether it applies to the fan category. In any case, they will continue trying and we will know the results on March 27, during the televised ceremony.

Other films that have been constantly mentioned are the multiversal Spider-Man: No Way Home, Titan, tick Tick… ​​BOOM!, the french chronicle, dunes Y the suicide squad.

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