Oscar 2022: the ratings are the second worst in history


The 2022 Oscar Awards improved the ratings from last year, but they are still the second worst in its history. Despite The Academy’s many attempts to attract audiences by shortening the length of the ceremony, inserting performances of non-nominated songs, or throwing modern jokes into the mix, it seems that the public does not respond.

This time the ceremony attracted 15.4 million viewers. These numbers come from the Nielsen Quick Count (via), although the official final counts will not be available until Tuesday morning. These numbers represent a 56% improvement over last year. However, they are still the second worst in the history of The Academy.

In the demographic study of people between 18 and 49 years of age, the Show of the Oscars began with an average in ratings of 3.2. That is, 68% better than last year. In the same way, this places the controversial award ceremony last Sunday as the second lowest in the history of these awards.

Last year the ceremony was held late during the month of April, due to the extension period that the Academy granted due to the waves of contagion due to the pandemic. That one had a total of 10.5 million viewers, a frightening and worrying figure. The ratings of people of the ages expressed above were then 2.2.

Perhaps that is why the organizers behind the Oscars made the decision to bring back presenters. After three years in which the program did not have a host Officially, this year they made up for the absence with three presenters: Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes, they entertained the night, but they were also the protagonists of several uncomfortable scenes.

Especially Amy Schumer and Regina Hall. The first heavily criticized on social networks for having called the nominee Kirsten Dunst a “chair warmer” of the awards; the second for having starred in a sketch humorous in which he sexualized several of the actors present at the Dolby Theater.

But without a doubt the most awkward moment of the night was experienced when Will Smith took the stage to hit Chris Rock. The comedian made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith‘s physique, and her husband reacted with violence. Moments later, as she returned to his seat, he yelled at her to “get her wife’s name out of her fucking mouth.”

In terms of the award, it was coda who won the award for Best Film. While dunes by director Denis Villeneuve was the most awarded of the night with 6 awards. Best Actress went to Jessica Chastain; Best Actor for an embarrassed Will Smith; and the supporting categories went to Troy Kutsur and Ariana DeBose.

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