Oscar 2022: Reactions to no live broadcast of eight categories


Last Tuesday, the Hollywood Academy announced that eight categories will be left out of the 2022 Oscar live broadcast. The shortlists in question are Best Documentary Short Film, Best Editing, Best Makeup, Best Soundtrack, Best Production Design, Best Animated Short Film , Best short film live action and better sound. The maneuver presumes a clear intention to make the great ceremony more agile and, therefore, more attractive to viewers. However, it is no less controversial for that. Why would an award ceremony eliminate “live” from its primary mission, which is to award prizes?

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Let’s see the details of this new modality. To begin with, the Hollywood Academy exposed in a letter (via The Hollywood Reporter) that although the awards for those eight categories will not be broadcast live, it will be pre-recorded and edited to be included during the broadcast. In fact, the ceremony will begin an hour before precisely for the delivery of such awards at the Dolby Theater, while on television the pre show and the red carpet.

“To be clear, all nominees in all award categories will be identified on air. And all of the winners’ acceptance speeches will be featured on the live stream. All award-winning filmmakers and artists in all categories will still get the celebratory ‘Oscar moment’ they deserve on stage at Dolby, in front of a rapt audience,” Academy President David Rubin said in the same letter.

This Wednesday, Variety reported that directors of the Hollywood Academy held a meeting via Zoom with the nominees in the relegated categories, a week before the official announcement. The idea was to “give a personal touch to the news and show respect for their nominees,” the outlet learned. There were also “horrified” participants who tried to offer alternatives during the talk, but were rejected, on the grounds that the decision was final. “Relegating us in this way is disrespectful,” he told Variety a source who intervened in said videoconference and preferred to remain anonymous.

“It sends a strong message about prioritizing specific categories and filmmakers within the Academy,” said an anonymous producer. “I think there would be other ways that the Academy could still present these awards live and pick up the pace of the show overall. This specific choice feels a bit lacking in creativity.”

And he added:

“I don’t think anyone tunes in [la entrega del Óscar] just because some categories are not live. I think some movie lovers will choose not to watch it. And they will argue that the Academy is less concerned with honoring the artisans on the ground floor.”

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After the news was made public, the reaction of the unions involved arose. On the one hand, the vice president of the Motion Picture Sound EditorsSteve Urban noted that omitting eight categories from the 2022 Oscar broadcast — including Best Sound — “could not have been an easy conclusion for the Academy to draw.” And the president of the same society of sound engineers, Mark A. Lanza, added that this maneuver “degrades the mission” of the Academy around “honoring the craft of filmmaking in all its parts” (via THR).

And even less supportive was the association American Cinema Editors (America Film Publishers).

“We are deeply disappointed in the Academy’s decision to alter the way certain categories, including editing, are presented on the Oscar broadcast,” the association’s board of directors said. Variety). “It sends a message that some creative disciplines are more vital than others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everybody who makes movies knows that.”

And I add:

“As a group of artists wholly dedicated to advancing the art and prestige of film editing, we passionately believe that editing, and all other creative disciplines that are part of the collaborative art of filmmaking, should be treated equally” .

The Hollywood Reporter He also learned of two members of the Academy, affected by the controversial decision. Anonymously, these people described it as “a complete fiasco” and “an absurdity” for which those responsible should “feel ashamed.”

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Twitter already circulates the hashtags #PresentAll23. Its purpose is to raise its voice and demand that the 23 award categories be part of the live broadcast.

The 94th Oscar ceremony will take place on March 27.. Come in here for more details on the ceremony.

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