One or more Mortal Kombat sequels are in development


Warner Bros has serious intentions to develop one or several sequels to Mortal Kombat, which will potentially serve to create a new cinematic universe. Regardless of what the critics have said about the film, the reality is that the film represents for the studio one of the most pleasant financial surprises that it experienced during the pandemic, so it is natural that executives are eager to continue traveling through it. path.

The news comes from the lyrics of Variety, who built an article that in fact focuses on Dune’s chances of having a sequel. This text explains why it is important for Warner that Villeneuve’s film reaches HBO Max simultaneously, despite its 100 percent support. hundred the cinematographic experience that this film deserves. The reason is that the platform’s subscriptions have yielded interesting results and among the positive measurements is Mortal Kombat.

The film based on the video game franchise has been the most consumed product and with the best results that HBO Max has had so far (via). Even above movies like Godzilla vs Kong, or Suicide squad. What’s more, Mortal Kombat it also managed to raise a modest $ 83 million at the US box office, which is not really a modest amount considering that its investment cost was just $ 55.

Seen from all perspectives Mortal Kombat It showed that he had garnered enough interest in its existence that Warner now considers making more sequels. In fact, the aforementioned article mentions that there would be several contributions from what is now emerging as a franchise, so we can surely expect films or series focused on one or more characters, in addition to the main narrative line that began with the film. of this year.

In fact, the actor behind the legendary Sub-Zero signed on for four other potential sequels. Joe Taslim has been with the studio since years past when the film began its development, so it’s only natural that the studio just follows the path it had already laid out from the beginning.

It seems that on this occasion the fans of Mortal Kombat they will not have to wait two decades to witness another audiovisual adaptation for film and television. There are still no more details, much less release dates, except a step forward in the hope of finally being able to see a tournament in shape.

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