Omicron, the film went viral the new variant of coronavirus


In times of coronavirus (COVID-19), the whole world continues to shake and even more after the World Health Organization (WHO) warned about omicron, The name of the new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 identified in South Africa. Said variant, whose name is inspired by the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, not only has been in trend, but their constant presence in the internet search engines have yielded other results linked to an aged black and white film called OmicronIn which ironically figure antagonizing an unknown threat.

What is it about?

Yes The Simpson and they were classified as the new Nostradamus and ContagionSteven Soderbergh predicted would emerge as the COVID-19, Omicron (1963), now the headlines, it is an Italian film comedy and science fiction written and directed by Ugo Gregoretti, About an alien that is inserted into the body of an earthling and begin the conquest of the planet Earth. Which, of course, refers to the new strain of coronavirus.

“An alien from the planet Ultra usurps the body of an earthling to understand more about humanity and the earth before the invasion begins. Science fiction film with a clear Marxist orientation that reflects on political events from the perspective of a being foreign to our planet », (via).

The movie stars Renato salvatori and British acting debut Rosemary dexter. Gustavo D’Arpe also act, Gaetano Quartararo, Mara Carisi and Dante Di Pinto.

Omicron He was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 24th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Omicron variant new coronavirus film
Omicron (1963)

If you are curious, the full film is available on YouTube:

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The cinematic universe Ómicron

curiously Omicron (1963) is not the only tape with issues related to alien invasions. The Visitor from Planet Omicron (2013), Mike Donahue, shares a similar theme:

What is it about?

“An alien comes to earth with a botanical virus, but a brave widow of Arizona conquers with fresh food from their garden and then tries to overthrow the corrupt government that prompted him to do so” (via IMDb)

Omicron movies coronavirus
Omicron (1963); The Visitor from Planet Omicron (2013) and Project Omicron (1999)

Finally, the database IMDb also throws the existence of another science fiction film dubbed Project Omicron (1999), Jared Whitham.

Omicron entrance, the film went viral for the new variant of coronavirus was first published in Cine PREMIERE.


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