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It is common to hear that the 21st century has marked a golden age of television. But this does not mean that his greatest glories are limited to recent years. Throughout its history, the small screen has given us all kinds of series, some of which have overcome all barriers to become authentic classics that continue to conquer the public for generations. Here are the best old series worth rewatching (or watching for the first time).

From series that challenged the old premises of science fiction, to the great references of comedy. These are the old series released during the 20th century that are worth rewatching over and over and over again.

The unknown dimension (1959–1964)

the twilight zone old series

Created by Rod Serling and considered by many to be the greatest jewel in television science fiction. The Twilight Zone achieved worldwide fame for the intensity of its social criticism in a world plagued by Cold War tensions. More than 60 years have passed since its premiere. And it is impossible not to shudder with its unforgettable musical theme. Especially when we remember that many of his messages are still as valid as from the first day. With this narrative force, it’s no surprise that none of its revivals have been able to match its impact.

The unknown dimension not found in any service streaming in Mexico, but in Amazon Prime Video you find the revival by Jordan Peele.

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Doctor Who (1963 – 1989; 2005 – current)

Every Doctor Who in history

One of the oldest series in history. Although it has gained popularity with its most recent seasons, it deserves to be reviewed from its earliest years. When the heroic time traveler was played by William Hartnell. There are those who see it as purely escapist television. But the truth is that it has an extremely important message: everyone is special, relevant and deserves to be well. This premise, although basic, has made him a symbol of British entertainment. This is becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the world.

Doctor Who not found in any service streaming in Mexico, but you can see the episodes of seasons 11 and 12 (with Jodie Whittaker) in the Europe+ platform.

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star trek (1966–1969)

star trek old series

In a world dominated by communist mistrust, star trek it challenged many of science fiction’s darker premises. It showed a universe of hope where different societies come together to face all kinds of common threats. Starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as the legendary Kirk and Spock. The original series took us inside the USS Enterprise to live different missions through remote worlds and fascinating societies, thus becoming a true metaphor of our reality. Although its original run was brief, it marked the beginning of a successful franchise that continues to grow to this day along with its legion of fans. Long life and prosperity.

star trek is available on Netflix.

MASH (1972 – 1983)

MASH series

From General Hospital to House MD and going through ER, television has given great medical series whose formula usually combines personal dramas and elaborate cases. It is not the case of M.TOyesH, spinoff of the homonymous movie that explored the experiences of military doctors during the Korean War. Despite its comical premise, the show was characterized by the recurrent inclusion of dramatic and critical elements with the war policies of the American Union, which generated many reflections and enormous controversy during Vietnam. Its success was such that it ended with a television movie that at the time was the most watched program in the entire history of the United States.

MASH (the series) is not found in any service of streaming in Mexico, but you can see the Robert Altman movie on Star Plus.

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cheers (1982 – 1993)

cheers series

Unlike other highly popular series that suffered ups and downs throughout its original broadcast, Cheers is remembered as a well-rounded series from start to finish, which was decisive for its place among the greatest television classics. Its charm lies in its completely feel-good style that takes us to a Boston bar where – as its tagline says – “everyone knows your name”, which did not prevent it from addressing relevant issues such as feminism, alcoholism and differences between classes. This earned him 111 Emmy nominations of which he garnered 28 statuettes and 31 Golden Globe nominations with six wins, thus becoming one of the most successful shows in history.

cheers not found in any service streaming in Mexico.

Time Travelers (1989 – 1993)

time travelers old series

Television has introduced us to countless time travelers, but few as memorable as Sam Beckett and his holographic sidekick Al Calavicci. Much of his charm lies in the fact that he was not satisfied with taking us through different decades and events in American history, since his great differentiation was to make his protagonist the key piece of each temporal correction. Of course, from now on we warn you – or remind you, in case you have forgotten – that his outcome is among the most controversial in the entire history of television.

Travellers in time is available on Claro Video.

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The secret X files (1993 – 2002; 2016)

X series files

“The truth is out there.” Under this premise, agents Mulder and Scully uncovered countless conspiracy theories to delve into all kinds of paranormal cases. This earned it criticism for its lack of scientific rigour, but it also gave it true cult status among lifelong sci-fi lovers who embraced it as a reality check, as well as among audiences unfamiliar with the genre who since then they want to believe. Its success was benefited by the development of telecommunications, whose advances were used by the main characters of the show, as well as by fans to share all kinds of theories. Beyond any statuette, his greatest success was the opportunity to jump into the movies twice and return for a recent revival.

The secret X files is available in Star Plus.

I Love Lucy (1951 – 1957)

I love Lucy old series

Pioneer not only for the changes it introduced to the way of making television, but also for having a woman at the helm who fulfilled the functions of director, producer, comedian and leading actress at the same time. The SerieI Love LucyIt told the details of the life of a married couple, as well as that of their funny landlords. But the recognition of him lies, because along the way he broke various schemes, stereotypes and proposed new ways of filming comedy for television.

I Love Lucy not found in any service streaming in Mexico

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Fawlty Towers (1975–1979)

fawlty towers series

John Cleese is primarily known for his work as part of the Monty Python comedy team. However, in Fawlty Towersthe comedian separated from that group to create one of the most important comedy series in the history of the sitcom. Spanning just two seasons (airing nearly four years apart), the series revolves around the manager/owner of a small hotel in England, his wife, his head waiter, and multiple guests. the jokes and gag of the series were put together with an almost surgical precision that, even more than 45 years after its original broadcast, still work wonderfully.

Fawlty Towers not found in any service streaming in Mexico.

Batman (1966–1968)

batman 60s series

Today we know her better as “Batman of the 60″, but this first foray of the Dark Knight on television prime time He was a phenomenon of his time. Today we find it curious and simple, but seeing it in its context, the series was a watershed in family entertainment in the middle of the century. Many of the characters that today we identify as a fundamental part of the Batman canon were rescued by this program, such as the Riddler, who at the time was considered a bad copy of the Joker. Of course, we must complement the viewing of Batman with Batman: The Movieanother classic of the time.

Batman (the series) not found in any service streaming in Mexicobut the film is available on Star Plus.

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