Oblivion Killer – Series Premiere, Cast and Trailer


Based on the multi-award winning Turkish series Sahsiyet (Person), produced by Ay Yapim, which debuted in 2018, Oblivion killer is the Mexican version directed by Ernesto Contreras (I dream in another language; Impossible things) and Jorge Michel Grau (7:19; Lost), and co-produced by VIS and Ay Yapim. See the trailer and know the details of the premiere of the new HBO Max series with Damien Alcazar and Paulina Gaitan in front of distribution!

What is it about?

«When the former retired police officer, Pascual León (Alcázar) is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and faces memory loss, he finds the perfect excuse to settle an old account that has plagued him for years. For her part, Jimena (Gaitán), a young policewoman, is assigned the biggest case in her career, which will test her ability to remember to discover the truth. Both will cross paths and lines that they never thought they were willing to face.


In addition to Alcázar and Gaitán, Oblivion killer features performances by Ari Brickman, Erik Hayser, Dolores Heredia, Giovanna zacarias, Luis Alberti, José Antonio Toledano, Mauricio García Lozano, Armando Hernandez, Juan Carlos Colombo and Ophelia Medina, among others.

“I am very happy to have participated in this thriller Produced by VIS, Slayer of Oblivion has been one of the most challenging projects in my career and I am very pleased with the end result. I hope the public can enjoy this series as much as all of us who participated in its realization have done ”, said Damián Alcázar, in a statement.

Oblivion killer It is an incredible project that I had the pleasure of participating in; the production and professionalism of the entire team were extremely important so that despite the situation of the pandemic, a great result was achieved that will undoubtedly delight the public ”, Paulina Gaitán also expressed.

Release date

Oblivion killer premieres on the HBO Max signal next October of the current year.

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Official poster


Killer of oblivion series premiere

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