North Korea praises Squid Game for showing the bad in South Korea

The Squid Game It is the sensation series of the moment and its analysis reaches the highest spheres of political and social need, as North Korea demonstrated. Recently, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea congratulated and praised what was shown in the Show, especially because according to them, it is a very good example of how brutal capitalism and capitalist life can be in the economic model that South Korea boasts.

In case you have not seen it (we doubt it), the series tells the story of a group of unfortunate people who are in debt up to their neck and find it difficult to have a decent financial support to survive. For this reason, these people are approached by a mysterious group that offers them the possibility of winning the money of their dreams, only if they are participants in five games that will take place in an unknown location.

They all accept the mission – some reluctantly – and are soon faced with a sort of The Hunger Games plus Battle Royale where those who lose … well, basically die. Of course, the award is too tempting and they are also in a situation of difficult escape, so throughout its nine episodes, we see a group of protagonists go through various hardships, emotions and conflicts, in order to reach the goal .

Given the The Squid Game Speaking of economic hardship, a liberal economic model, the free market, and a group of people killing each other for money, North Korea viewed the series as an exaggerated reflection of what modern capitalism really is. A website of that country published an article written by an anonymous voice, praising the vision that the Show makes a South Korea that is as brutal as its society.

«[En la serie] corruption and shameless and immoral people are commonplace in an unequal society where people are treated like a game of chess, “the text reads. “The squid game makes people realize the sad reality and beastly South Korean society in which human beings are pushed into extreme competition and their humanity disappears.”

The Squid Game arrived on the Netflix platform on September 17 and as the days went by it became the most successful series that the site has had streaming throughout its history. The Show was the subject of comments, debates and memes through the Web and its success has led to a silent demand from popular culture for a second season, even though the story was conceived as a limited series.

The series director himself, Hwang Dong-hyuk, initially commented that he had no intention of coming up with a sequel, but that he may do so in due time, without pressure, and after other upcoming projects are completed. At the same time, he confessed that he did not really want to return to the ring, because it was difficult for him to write scripts designed for the television format.

However, recently Dong-hyuk declared that the pressure to do the second season is getting stronger, so it may not be as long as he originally thought, to return to explore more about this twisted game and its organizers.

“I’m getting a lot of pressure for season 2,” he told her. “I still have the story of the Front Man and his relationship with his brother, the policeman. And people are also curious to know where Gi-hun is going in the final because he is moving away from the plane. I think I have an obligation to explain it to the fans and I am thinking about season 2, but at that time I was so tired after finishing season 1 that I couldn’t think about season 2. Now turned into a huge success, people I would hate if I don’t do a season 2 so I feel a lot of pressure and I think I would have to. The great success of Season 1 is a great reward for me, but at the same time it has put a lot of pressure on me.

The Squid Game It is now available on Netflix and here you can find out about other films for which the series director is responsible.

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